Saturday, January 13, 2007

Let's Talk SC Hoops...

Since we have been on the recruiting subject let's take a look back at Univ of South Carolina Basketball recruiting class for 2007.

The 2007 class includes Trevor Deloach (Saluda, S.C.), Aaron Ellis (Myrtle Beach, S.C.), Chad Gray (Little Mountain, S.C.), Michael Holmes (Bishopville, S.C.), Sam Muldrow (Florence, S.C.) and Austin Steed, Jr. (Hephzibah, Ga.). Also included in this class are transfers sophomore Devan Downey (Cincinnati) and junior Zam Fredrick (Georgia Tech). Both will be eligible for play next season. Mr. Holmes is the big name in the list as he is the #32 ranked SF in the nation and Top 60 player.

The Gamecocks' future seems brighter with an influx of in-state players. The Gamecocks could also land former Lower Richland star Mike Jones, who is transferring from Syracuse.

The 2007 class was rated in the top 20 nationally by many recruiting analysts. So no excuses for Odom and Co. starting next year....

And let's all hope SC can win today vs. UF.......Comments???

Friday, January 12, 2007

Ramen noodles will live on...

This may be classified as old news but it was worthy of a post here today. The guy whose edible and simple creation found its way into the dietary lives of so many folks, especially college kids, across the globe died last Friday at age 96: Momofuku Ando, the inventor of instant ramen.

Forty-nine years ago in a shack behind his house in Ikeda, Japan, Ando hatched his first bag of chicken-broth noodles. As you know, the meals became popular with college students and anyone who wanted to eat for less than $1, quickly and easily. Last year, the company sold 46 billion packs of the stuff and earned $131 million in profit.

In his memory, take a look through the piles of ramen recipes online, and cook some up.

Anyone got a good Ramen story?


Thursday, January 11, 2007

LOHD Research...

The staff at LOHD did some field research on behalf of one of its' readers. Staff called the Univ of Florida this morning at (352)392.3261 and got transferred to the Athletic Department. LOHD staff wanted to get to the bottom of what is becoming known as the "Gator Slam." This term comes from the phrase "Tiger Slam." Which was given to what Tiger Woods accomplished on the PGA tour when he won and held all four golf majors -- he didn't win all of them in the same year, so it was dubbed the "Tiger Slam." But still a great feat.

The Florida Gators became the first program to hold football and men's basketball titles at the same time. NO they did not win it in the same year but they HOLD both titles currently (at least until April 2007 when the men's basketball title game is played).

LOHD staff asked the UFstaff member these questions after explaining the situation and the reason for my call. Here is the script from our conversation with LOHD staff asking the question and the answer being given by a staff person at the UF Athletics department.

1. Did the UFwin the men's basketball title in the 2005-2006 season? She said "Yes."
2. Did the UF win the college football title in the 2006-2007 season? She said "Yes."
3. Does the University of Florida currently hold both titles, that being the men's basketball title from the 05-06 season and the football title from the 06-07 season? She said with a laugh "Yes." I told her that this is not a joke we need answers. Back to the Q and A.
4. So the UF does 'hold' both titles? She said "Again, Yes."
5. Are both of these trophies in the UF trophy cabinet? She said "Yes."
6. Have you heard that the accomplishment that the UF did being called the "Gator Slam?" She said "Yes."
7. What does that mean to UF? She said "It is associated with the men's program at the Univ of Florida holding both championships (basketball and football). It goes back to what Tiger Woods did and what is called by many the "Tiger Slam."
8. So you did not win both titles in the same season? She said "no but we are hopeful that the men's basketball team can repeat this season." (My point exactly-- LOHD never said won in the same season but first to hold both titles)
10. So it is a fact that the UF currently 'HOLDs' both titles? She said "Ah, Yeah."

She then told me that "a celebration of the Gators' BCS National Championship is set for Saturday, Jan. 13 at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. All Gator fans are encouraged to show their appreciation Saturday when the team is honored at noon to 1 p.m."

LOHD staff informed her that they would not attend but are going to see UF play USC on Saturday in basketball but will pass on the info on to one of our faithful readers who may want to go and discuss this issue of "Florida holding the men's basketball title and football title presently" a little more.

LOHD offered to send her a 'hot dog' but she declined. LOHD staff thanked the lady for her time this morning and for answering these "straight hard hitting questions" on the LOHD "hot seat" and for entering the "no spin zone." All readers can rest assured that LOHD will work hard to provide the best information on this blog and seek out the answers. We also will get the facts and go straight to the "horse's mouth" if need be regarding subjects on this blog.

Side note---Read about it here on More on this feat can be read here or in the Florida newspaper - here or in a Seattle news source - here or back to the original article from ESPN - here.

Here come the changes to the Gamecock Club...

In order to keep up the "Jones's" in the SEC changes are being made. Love it or hate it...seems it will happen. The Gamecock Club we use to know is no longer the has been revamped with some twists and turns. This issue should 'stir the pot' when a glossy, 12-page magazine detailing significant changes in the booster club comes in the mail in the next week or two.

The mailing does not mention the possibility of re-seating at Williams-Brice Stadium, although an athletics department official said the switch to the new points system could set the groundwork for such a move. The point system will allow Gamecock Club officials to determine who gets parking passes and tickets to away football games and bowl games. The existing priority system, which ranks members within their particular giving level, will continue to be used for season-ticket assignments.

According to the mailing, USC ranks ahead of four SEC schools — Mississippi, Arkansas, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt — in athletics fundraising.

Highlights from new policies and procedures for USC’s Gamecock Club members.

• Moving to a new points system that will rank the club’s 14,444 members based on consecutive years and total amount of giving, donations to an individual sport or the athletics department’s ongoing capital campaign, and — beginning in 2008 — tickets purchased for football, baseball and men’s and women’s basketball.
• Adding several high-end giving levels to offer increased choices to boosters who donate more than $3,000 a year.
• Giving the Gamecock Club the ability to increase membership levels and premiums every three years.
• Requiring members with club seats to pay an additional premium, regardless of annual giving levels.
• Charging all members for football parking, starting this season.

Love to hear some comments on this subject....Do you agree changes need to be made?

More on SC Recruiting...

Let's keep this developing story going on how the Univ of South Carolina is on the verge of landing a Top 10 recrutitng class and by some experts a Top 5 class. I have written previous blogs which mention a certain "wow" factor that the current SC recruits have which can be read here or you can read another blog post about this subject from back in December here.

Back in December, ESPN analyst Tom Luginbill had South Carolina rated as the number 5 Top Recruiting Football Class for 2007. Well ... now we are Number 4 in his Top 5 classes. Let's all say a pray tonight that South Carolina lands Carlos Dunlap, DE -- rated by everyone in the Top 5 to 10 in the country and listed by most as the number 1 or 2 DE in the nation.

Also in The State, it is reported that Clifton Geathers, the top-rated South Carolina high school prospect in 2006, will enroll this week at USC, according to his father. The 6-8, 293-pound Geathers currently is ranked as the No. 12 prep school prospect in the nation by This kid turned in a time of 4.8 seconds in his most recent 40-yard dash.

(Alright....he is 6 foot 8 and is near 300 pounds and runs a 4.8 in the 40. Can we say this guy is a beast? At DE, I think USC could use him....just hope that this does not affect Dunlap. But could you imagine having Dunlap, Geathers, Matthews and Robertson on Defense. WOW! )

Tom Luginbill's Top Five 2007 Classes as of 1/10/07

1. Notre Dame
2. Texas
3. USC
4. South Carolina
5. Florida

Also over at They have South Carolina at the 10 spot. Look at how they rank them.

2007 Football Recruiting Rankings as of 1/10/07
1 Texas
2 Tennessee
3 Florida
5 Southern Cal
6 Notre Dame
7 Georgia
8 Nebraska
9 Michigan
10 South Carolina

Side note --- has the other school -Clemson at number 18 out of the Top 25 classes.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dillon named among 50 worst places to live...

We all have been at least through the great city of Dillion on the way to the SC Coast and some may have been there for a actual reason. Most simply know that the city of Dillion exists because of the South of the Border and its main character, Pedro. The South of the Border roadside mega-attraction in Dilon, South Carolina, is a kitschy blend of Dixieland and Mexico...what more could you want when on vacation or in a destination?

Well, this little city off I-95 was named among America's 50 worst place to live.
Here's the full list of 50 worst places.

What do you think: Is there a worse place in S.C. than Dillon? What is your choice and why?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More on the Gators "holding" both titles...

Call it the Gator Slam. The Florida Gators became the first program to hold football and men's basketball titles at the same time Monday night with a 41-14 victory over top-ranked Ohio State.

Much like when Tiger Woods held all four golf majors -- he didn't win all of them in the same year, so it was dubbed the "Tiger Slam." Same case for UF.

Nonetheless, only six Division I schools -- including Florida and Ohio State -- have won championships in the NCAA's two marquee sports. But none of those had come closer than eight years apart -- until now. The others are Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State and Syracuse.

Key thinking to this is "current holders of the championships;" and of course "thanks for playing."

READ MORE about this feat here on or follow this link -

Gator Champs...

Can we say statement game? As national champions go, the Gators were nearly flawless Monday night in dominating Ohio State 41-14.
I never in a million years would have thought that UF would win by 20 or more points. The game says a lot about the SEC and the Big 10. Also one could say it says a lot about USC hanging with UF and since they were one kick away from writing a different story.
Side note - First time in history the men's basketball title and the football title has been held by the same university at the same time. Also "kudos" to Dev for picking UF to win.
Any thoughts?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Odom will be here for a little longer..

Love him or hate him....he is here to stay a "wee" bit longer. The University of South Carolina men's basketball coach Dave Odom, who had one year left on his contract after this season, received a two-year contract extension today. Along with the extension, the terms of the buyout were changed in the final year of the contract. Under Odom's old contract, both sides have to pay the other $250,000 for each year remaining on the contract. That remains the same except for the final year, when USC would be liable for only $50,000 if it fired Odom and Odom would have to pay school the same amount if he left for another job. Odom, 64, would not have to pay USC anything if he retired before the contract runs out.
There were no changes to Odom's compensation package. Odom has a base salary of $170,242 along with guarantees for television and radio shows and an apparel stipend totaling $525,000. It includes incentives that make the contract potentially worth more than $900,000.

Odom is 110-72 in six years at USC, although the Gamecocks have made the NCAA tournament only once. Also, USC's best showing in the SEC was an 8-8 finish in 2003-04 when the program made its only trip to the NCAAs under Odom.

Thoughts? Good move for USC?

Bored at Work? Check this out...

I know from time to time those of our readers who work for "da man," get bored at work and will look for things to kill time with. Well, here is something to check out. Google, the company wanting to take over the internet (and world), has another cool feature if there ever comes a time you are bored or really interested in who patented what in this world. Google's new patent search is amazingly distracting and interesting.

Keeping with its mission to organize the world's information, Google recently introduced its patent search feature recently, which is an entertaining way to dig through years and years of inventors' ideas. You can find who thought up the paper clip, created the knit boxer short or, possibly prompted by a bad rainy-day experience, masterminded the umbrella. There are some wonderfully simple creations, such as: the drum and the bottle (these are the type things you wonder---why didn't I think of that? Like the "chip clip" for bags of snack chips.

I think one of the best features is it helps to kill time at work or satisfy that curiosity in life. Any thoughts or ideas?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rice going to NFL...

Well he must be projected as a Top 10 Pick for the draft because he stated that was the only way he was going to go pro. I hate to see him go and thought he needed to stay for one more season....but that is football. Kids these days....

Rice had eight catches for 139 yards and one touchdown in the Liberty Bowl, giving him a school-record 11 100-yard games, breaking the mark of Sterling Sharpe. He also holds the school record with 23 touchdowns while also becoming the first player to have more than 1,000 yards receiving twice in his career. He had 1,143 yards last year and 1,090 this season, and his 2,233 yards rank him third all-time behind only Zola Davis (2,354) and Sharpe (2,497).

Oh well, I wish him luck in the NFL and for USC this opens up some "pt" for others and should make it interesting for the o-fence. Maybe it will make Mitchell better because he can spread the ball around rather than making sure #4 gets his looks / touches.

Any thoughts about Rice making the leap?? Good or bad?