Wednesday, August 02, 2006

wild thing

The hell I live in keeps getting better. So I am building a privacy fence at the new house to keep my two wild animals caged in. So for the week I have relinquish control of the monster aka Deuce over to a friends house. Well this friend lives in five points and has a 10 foot high privacy fence, but of course deuce still got out after destroying a couch and breaking about 50 beer bottles. I get a call around 6 last night from Office Depot saying my dog is in there store. Of course it is a black lady and she is scared of dogs, and deuce not knowing any better is friends with everyone he meets. So I run to office depot to grab my muddy dog that has in the past hour or so destroyed my friend’s house, scaled a 10 foot wall and ran sacked Office depot. You got to love the dog.