Saturday, March 11, 2006

One more please.....

That is all we need, one more 'W'.....South Carolina reached the finals of the Southeastern Conference tournament for just the second time, beating Kentucky 65-61 Saturday behind 18 points from Tarence Kinsey. Now they're just one victory away. South Carolina beat Mississippi State in the first round and dispatched East division winner Tennessee in the quarterfinals. Only one team -- South Carolina in 2000 -- has ever won the SEC tournament by winning four games. The Gamecocks' only trip to final was in 1998 when they lost to -- who else? -- Kentucky.

The Gamecocks will face UF, a team SC been twice this season. All we need is one more win!!!! Let's all hope the "black magic"has not run out...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Chalk one up for the good guys....

That is right...USC wins what some may say is a 'upset' over the number 1 seed in the SEC East and ranked overall all at number 14 in the polls. USC won in strong fashion with a 79-71 victory (pretty much lead the whole way). UT head coach Bruce Pearl said before the tournament the Gamecocks were a "dangerous" opponent and that proved to be correct. I hope this streak of 'wins' can continue as they will play the winner of UK vs. Bama on Saturday at noon. I pray for two more wins out of the Gamecocks....we need is our only chance at a NCAA berth. My only question is where has this team been all year????? GO COCKS!

to 'pee' or not to 'pee'....

That is the question and as you can see in this photo the thought process that this can cause....I read recently in a article that the issue of urinating in public is now illegal and made its' way for debate all the way to the 3 judge Court of Appeals in Cali. A three-judge appeals panel said in a 20-page opinion that relieving oneself in public does not qualify as a littering crime under state law but does qualify as a crime of committing a public nuisance. Justice Anthony Kline wrote, "There can be little doubt that urination on or near a busy commercial street interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of both life and property." Kline continued, "The sight and smell of urine are vile and offensive, and those who use the public streets and sidewalks cannot be freely subjected to such unpleasantness." The ruling applies to acts in public places such as the vicinity of a busy street (or five points). The court noted that "there might well be circumstances in which a single, discreet act of public urination would not violate" the public nuisance law. Kline wrote, "Thus, for example, a hiker responding to an irrepressible call of nature in an isolated area in the backwoods cannot reasonably be seen as interfering with any right common to the public." (This is the same thinking as "if a tree fell in the middle of isolated heavily wooded forest would it make a noise" thought process....)

So now when you feel the urge...think about this case and make a great legal decision....should you act responsibly or let nature take it course?? I know we all have "been there - done that"....I mean when you are at a football game tail-gating, come on who wants to wait in line or you are at Carolina Cup - do you want to wait in line or just go??? Anyone got good stories or their opinion on this case??? {And we know that this case has no impact on SC for now but now this is part of case law / 'Stare Decisis' --- so don't get caught with your pants down!}

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Carolina Wins....

We are very pleased to see the USC men's basketball program get a victory today in the SEC Tourney....they won 59-44. It was a good victory to at least get them a NIT berth and we all cross our fingers for a run at the SEC Tourney Championship, which is probably the only way they will get a NCAA berth. But is was a good win...limiting MSU to 19 points in the second half. USC will now play Tennessee at 1 pm (EST) on Fri., March 10. Tennessee, 21-6 and 12-4 in the SEC, won the Eastern Division this season and as the No. 1 seed from the East had a bye first round.

Side notes - SEC COACH OF THE YEAR-John Brady, LSU; SEC PLAYER OF THE YEAR-Glen Davis, LSU; Co-SEC DEFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR-Corey Brewer, Florida and Tyrus Thomas, LSU. Pacing the Gamecocks with 15.5 ppg this season, South Carolina senior forward Tarence Kinsey has been named to the Coaches All-SEC second team. The only Gamecock to receive a award. And lastly did anyone notice that UCONN got beat by Syracuse???

Klempson lost....

No sympathy from this blog site over the recent loss by Clemson to score was 63-66. Denis Clemente hit a go-ahead 3-pointer with 50.9 seconds left to help Miami rally from a 12-point deficit and beat Clemson 66-63. The Clemson hot-streak came to a end and to be honest they gave this one away. They were winning the entire game until the end but all that matters is the final score. Miami will now go to play Duke. Clemson should receive a bid from the NIT though...Clemson entered the ACC Tournament (seeded 9th) having won each of his last three league contests for the first time since 1964. Clemson had won four of its last five games entering the ACC Tournament.

Side notes - Clemson is the only charter member of the ACC never to win the tournament championship...JJ Redick was named ACC Player of the Year for the second year straight, Duke's Sheldon Williams was named Defensive Player of the Year and UNC Coach Roy Williams was named Coach of the Year.....the question here is will JJ Redick win NCAA Player of the Year or will the 'Zags Adam Morrison win it???

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

new sea creature

Leave it up to the French to find the first Gay Lobster. Per here is the story of the new sea creature found by French divers yesterday.

Scientists said the animal, which they named Kiwa hirsuta, was so distinct from other species that they created a new family and genus for it.
A team of American-led divers found the animal in waters 2,300 meters (7,540 feet) deep at a site 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) south of Easter Island last year, according to Michel Segonzac of the French Institute for Sea Exploration.
The new crustacean is described in the journal of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.
The animal is white and 15 centimeters (5.9 inches) long -- about the size of a salad plate.
In what Segonzac described as a "surprising characteristic," the animal's pincers are covered with sinuous, hair-like strands.
It's also blind. The researchers found it had only "the vestige of a membrane" in place of eyes, Segonzac said.
The researchers said that while legions of new ocean species are discovered each year, it is quite rare to find one that merits a new family.
The family was named Kiwaida, from Kiwa, the goddess of crustaceans in Polynesian mythology.
The diving expedition was organized by Robert Vrijenhoek of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SEC awards for yardbirds

PITCHER OF THE WEEKAndrew Cruse • South CarolinaSophomore • RHP • Cornelius, N.C.
Pitched a career-high 5.2 scoreless innings of relief to pick up the victory in South Carolina's 6-2 win over No. 1 Clemson.
The sophomore right-hander struck out a career-high seven batters and yielded just one walk and three hits in the victory ... Improved his season record to 2-0 and lowered his season ERA to 0.68.
Andrew pitched one hell of a game last Saturday; he came in for Hempy and took over the game. Clemson did not know what to do with his variety of pitches. Sitting behind home plate in the standing room only section were we all cheered as Andrew shut out the overrated #1 tigers. It only took a week for the tigers to fall from graces, as the GT yellow jackets jumped into the number one spot. My only complaint was Jack Leggett might be the biggest cry baby coach ever. He came out of the dugout 4 times to complain about bad calls and how the ref’s were screwing his tigers, but the refs called the game pretty fair, most high outside pitchers were called strikes. SC has a decent chance of making it back to Omaha, the pitching seems to be the key for this team, as the offense is still pretty young with 3 true freshman playing everyday.

Month of Basketball

Well as March madness draws near the excitement of conference tournaments begin, we have already seen Winthrop win the Big South Conference in exciting fashion as well as a cheerleader falling and breaking her neck at the Southern Illinois game. Yesterday Gonzaga had to come from 15 down to beat a 12-17 Loyola Marymount team for the WCC championship game. With all that said and done now all Winthrop and most of these mid major teams have to wait for are the power house team they will have to play in the first round of the tourney. Winthrop is slated to play UNC in the first round as of right now, before the ACC tourney has even begun. Here are my picks for number 1 seeds, please feel free to discuss.

UNC (if they make it to the ACC championship)

1. Memphis
2. Ohio State

2. Illinois

2. Texas

Monday, March 06, 2006

As promised by me, some political talks...

I recently read this article....let me know your thoughts on it....I find it odd but let me know what you think.....this relates to the recent "Port-Gate" talk going around.....

Hillary Clinton 'unaware' of Bill's Dubai ties

Hillary Clinton, a leading opponent of DP World's takeover of some US port operations, was this week forced to admit that she did not know her husband had advised Dubai leaders on how to handle the growing dispute.

But former President Bill Clinton's ties to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates should not have come as a surprise to his New York senator wife. Mrs Clinton's own senatorial financial disclosure forms reveal that her husband earned $450,000 giving speeches in Dubai in 2002.
Officials from the UAE also donated between $500,000 and $1m to fund Mr Clinton's presidential library in Arkansas.

It was part of an effort by the emirates, said a person close to UAE officials, to forge a close relationship with a former US president who is influential and highly regarded in the region.
Mr Clinton's admiration for the UAE was last on display in November, when he made his fourth visit to the American University in Dubai and met students participating in the Clinton scholarship programme.

The UAE has also contributed $100m to Hurricane Katrina relief funds, which Mr Clinton had a leading role in raising. Mrs Clinton's tough stance that the deal represented an "unacceptable risk" to national security has caused UAE officials some consternation.
Regarded as the leading Democratic candidate for the 2008 presidential elections, she has used the deal, which polls show is disliked by most Americans and the anti-Arab sentiment it sparked to attack the Bush administration on national security, an issue that has been seen as a weak point for Democrats.

Although Mrs Clinton has been careful not to criticise the UAE directly, her stance has put her in the same camp as legislators who openly accuse Dubai of helping to finance the September 11 terrorist attacks and deem the UAE untrustworthy.
Privately, some Democrats see the revelations about his ties to the UAE as a classic Clinton dilemma. Mrs Clinton told the New York Post on Thursday that she did not know her husband had been contacted by Dubai officials two weeks ago and offered them advice on the deal. Although both Hillary and Bill Clinton say he stands behind her on the issue and there is no direct conflict, his relationship to the UAE has complicated her political stance on the transaction.

Meanwhile, the UAE has sought to quell the backlash against the takeover by hiring some Clinton officials - and Republicans - to lobby on Dubai's behalf.

I thought to myself when I read this article that this is politics at its' best. But then I think to myself that this 'lady' might be running for President in '08. That is scary (to me) and it obiviousous she does not communicate with her husband on things(a marriage by agreement?)....think about him (Bill) being "the First Man or the First Husband?" That makes me laugh.....It seems these days these politicians care more about fighting each other than really doing what is best for America or the citizens they represent (seems at a all time high). (Not saying Bush has been the best president either but it has been extremely tough for him to get things done....)

But this is not the first port nor major facility of public use to be run foreigners....Just look at this info..."Indianapolis International Airport, a facility that serves more than 8 million passengers every year, is operated by a foreign-owned company. And the company has stated contractual obligations at the airport -- which include law enforcement! BAA Indianapolis LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of BAA plc, a private company which owns and operates seven airports in the United Kingdom including Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports serving London. Indianapolis International is now the largest privately managed airport in the United States."

You just have to love politics.......and to end this rant...A Clinton Joke....
  • What does Bill say to Hillary after sex? --I'll be home in twenty minutes.