Wednesday, October 07, 2009

SEC Power Poll : LOHD Ballot

1. Alabama
Simply taking care of business week to week; Saban is earning those dollars.

2. Florida
Showdown in Death Valley coming up - will Tebow shake the concussion and Tigers off?

3. LSU
Hopefully the officals will not help them this week but will they even need it is the question?

4. Auburn
If anyone thought Auburn would be 5-0 please raise your hand.

5. South Carolina
Still yet to play a complete game of football and getting by doing it.

6. UGA
Officals didn't help them at all but still good and looking to rub dirt in UT's face.

7. Ole Miss
Snead is not playing to his potential and it shows but thank god for Vandy, right?

8. Arkansas
If only they had a defense to go along with a good QB.

9. Mississippi State
Don't go create "Dan the Man" t-shirts quite yet but still MSU is going in the right direction.

10. Tennessee
If Lane only had gotten points for running his mouth in the preseason this team would be good.

11. Kentucky
Is it too late to get members of the basketball team to play?  Somebody has to ask the question.

12. Vanderbilt
Simply not their year but something tells me they will upset someone in the SEC, question is who?

thoughts? how wrong are we?


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