Friday, November 03, 2006

In honor of Ark - kansas....

had to post it....true clip from a U of Ark game earlier this season....and Go Cocks!

(we need this win.....)

Fight night round 2

Vanilla Ice


MC Hammer

In a match up that would have rocked the 90’s in a fight for the death. Who do you have?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

SEC arrests the gamecock.....

In a surprise move today the SEC invaded the Hen house off Shop Road in Columbia and made a surprise arrest. The SEC wanted to shut down "the gamecock" as he is known around town for his loud outbursts during Carolina football games on third downs. During the raid of the Hen house the 'gamecock' was found getting his weekly manicure while watching several hens "shake their tail feathers" to the Nelly song while drinking a handle of "fighting cock." The SEC reported on approaching the 'gamecock' to make the arrest he was over heard saying...."Oh no I heard them bad boys coming...Can't stop now....Got to continue my running...Because we go party till them lights come on."

Several SEC officials received cuts from the encounter but were pleased that this matter has been resolved and no more crowing on third downs. The 'gamecock' gave a statement to the news media at the time stating he was set up by a tiger in purple pants (I know strange sight). He also informed the media that "he is a 'cock and always will rise up for some fun, just doing my part to make everyone smile at games."

Coach Spurrier has vowed to get the best lawyer in Ohio to work the case because...well, he needs a client, so we should hear more from the great legal brain (before it gets corrupted) of "Crummy" on this issue soon. "Crummy" has stated that he plans to use the "Zipper" defense to help free his client. Look for more in the future on this saga......

ultimate fight night

Ok today is fight to the death Thursday

Today’s match is between

Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell


Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Secret To Meeting Women

It's pretty simple JC. You must have confidence in yourself. If you do not have that you are screwed. Also you really have got to not care. Getting the courage to talk to a random girl is like taking a three wise men shot, the more you think about it the worse you believe it's going to be. Just grab your sack and turn it up without thinking!!! If you doubt yourself, she will doubt you! Also if this is someone you want to have something long term, persistance is the key. There is a big difference between persistance and stalking!! Becareful not to go down the wrong path. Remember having a girl think that is like sneaking out a smelly fart. Once it happens everyone knows!! BE CAREFUL!! Do not call too much!! Have you ever noticed that when you bring your friend with you, we'll just say Jim Beam, you always talk to more people? A little courage in a glass helps. Don't over do it and make an ass of yourself though. Trust me I know from experience. Also, dont act so damn tough all the time, just be yourself. If you suck at being yourself, just be me. On a final note, DON'T FLIP YOUR COLAR UP!!!!!!!!! Let me know how it goes!

Advise Man

P.S. Always remember that out of all the NO's it only takes ONE YES!!!

"Where Have You Been?"

This is the question I have heard for quite a while. Well I'll tell you I have had quite a few experiences and adventures lately. I moved in with this guy for about 6months. I believe he has a drinking problem. He has a dog that has started to destroy everything in site. I think the drunken rages are rubing off on the dog. They always say children copy everything you do. We'll now I'm starting a new chapter in my life, I'm a homeowner. What the hell was I thinking?! I tried to move on Sunday but got destracted by a bushel of oysters and a case of beer. Word of ADVISE, if you have something better to do make sure you do it!! Life is too short to be responsible all the time. Only when absolutely necessary. So I was in Atlanta for a while and actually made an appearance in columbia Monday night. First time I have been back since my departure. I'll tell you I actually missed the place and everyone. I hope all the loyal readers are continuing to read the true blog LHD. Little secret (from the inside informer) SOD is corupt! I'll end with that. Hope everyone is doing well and let me know if you need a little advise. I'm here with the answer!

Advise Man

Monday, October 30, 2006

Results from Saturday

I would like to thank everybody who participated in our first annual tailgating chili cook off; we had 4 great contestants with all original recipes. We have 29 people vote on the chili including Stanly the owner of the tailgating lot, who has competed in 5 chili cook off’s himself. Well here are the winners………

Best name goes too……. Kat’s Coot Fire Chili

Best Flavor goes too…… Project Widow Maker

Hottest goes too…. Dev’s bowtie Chili aka Dev’s ketchup mess, Dev’s Damn spaghetti

Tom-tom did receive one vote for hottest

Most original goes to... Blake’s Buffalo Chicken chili.

Best write in vote.... Worst f***ing chili ever.. dev's bowtie chili


I will post pictures later this week, as I am having some computer problems.