Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot

I will be voting in the Mummme Poll this year, which is a poll run by The 3rd Saturday in Blogtober and Get the Picture. The poll ranks the Top 12 teams but only the top 5 are specified in any one ballot. Unlike the traditional polls, there is no preseason or even early season voting. This ballot is the first of the year. Also, unlike traditional polls, you can vote in it if you want.

Senator Blutarsky explains:

The inspiration for the Mumme Poll came from the final 2007 regular season Coaches Poll and Tony Barnhart’s post breaking down some of the more questionable ballots. (You can read that post here.) The poll is in fact named in honor of the most questionable vote of that Coaches Poll – Hal Mumme’s ballot listing Hawaii as the number one team in the country.

In response, the initial Mumme Poll ran at Get The Picture for the 2008 season. Florida finished first at season’s end.

As far as your possible participation, the Senator continues:

We’re (small “d”) democrats here. Mumme Poll voting is open to any knowledgeable, enthusiastic college football fan. That’s part of the fun of it.

Follow the links for more information and explanation. If you want to vote, you need to hurry; I think they are going to close out registration at 9pm on Monday.

link, link, link

The ballot

1. Florida

Still undefeated after last year's national championship. Until proven otherwise, they are the number one team.

2. Alabama

Despite yesterday's meh-inducing win over Kentucky, they are playing like the most complete team in the country. Their wins over Arkansas and Virginia Tech continue to look impressive.

3. Virginia Tech

The Miami win and an understandable loss to Alabama put the Hokies in the Top 5.

4. Southern Cal

Road wins over Cal and Ohio State outweigh a head scratching loss to Washington.

5. LSU

Quality win at Georgia anchors an otherwise mediocre resume.

The rest, in no particular order


They look like a Top 5 team, but without a signature win, I don't think they deserve to be there yet. They will have plenty of opportunities to earn their way there.


Undefeated and looking impressive while doing it, but no real signature win to propel them into the top 5.


Clearly deserving because of their win at Penn State, but way-too-close wins over Northern Iowa and Arkansas State may indicate some chinks in the Hawkeye armor.


Looking good against weak competition. How good are they? Will anyone on their schedule be good enough for us to judge?

Boise State

Relying on the Oregon win more than blind man relies on his seeing eye dog. Their putrid schedule will probably keep them out of the top 5, but they appear to be one of Top 12 teams in the country.


3-1 after playing the hardest opening schedule in the country.


After an early loss to Boise State, the Ducks have rebounded nicely with wins over Utah and Cal.

Comments, arguments, irrational rants?


Senator Blutarsky said...

Thanks very much for the plug, General.

One thing I might mention is that this week's vote is a dry run so that we have the opportunity to iron out the kinks before the balloting counts in earnest after the games of week six are played.

It's still important to register by 9:00 PM EST tonight.

Moose said...

Good Stuff General, I am voting as well.

My top five are