Saturday, July 12, 2008

Game 4 predictions for USC/Klempson

The Charleston Post and Courier continues their predictions and LOHD is covering all of what they have to say...let's review before you read game 4 --

Previous predictions for CU
Game 1: Clemson 27, Alabama 20
Game 2: Clemson 45, The Citadel 17
Game 3: Clemson 31, N.C. State 13

Previous Predictions for THE GAMECOCKS
Game 1: USC 18, N.C. State 10
Game 2: USC 23, Vanderbilt 9
Game 3: Georgia 27, USC 17

Here is their prediction for both schools in game 4 -


Friday, July 11, 2008

LOHD dislikes Bart Wright.....for the record

Bart Wright, sports writer for the Greenville News, is not on our favorite list here at LOHD...well let's be honest here....we just don't like the guy. He has such a narrow view of clemson and usc sports that it is ridiculous. He thinks Clemson can do no wrong and Tommy is "half-god." He feels USC is worthless and the real sad part of all this is the Greenville News allows him to write such bias/unbalanced columns each week. In my many years reading his columns, I have only agreed with one column he wrote and it was about how Tommy Bowden is not the right coach to lead klempson to a BCS title (true).

I will stop there....check this crap out on what he writes today -


Game 3 predictions for USC/Klempson

Alright so by now you have seen that LOHD (here & here) is covering the predictions for the USC and Klempson games in 08. 'The Post and Courier' has already predicted game 1 and 2.

So far they have Carolina winning against NC State 18-10 and Klempson beating 'bama 27-20 in Game 1. Then in Game 2, the paper predicts a win for SC v Vandy by the score of 23-9. Klempson is predicted to win vs. Citadel 45-17.
So according to their predictions both are 2-0 heading into game 3....

Here is their predictions for both schools in game 3 -


LOHD Friday Poll Question

It is time to churn out some poll questions leading up to the 08 season (now that we are less than 50 days till the wolfpack get a beating).....

Question --- Which is the best place to tailgate for USC Gamecock football games?

  • Fairgrounds
  • The Coop
  • University House
  • Carolina Walk lot
  • In the Condos
  • The Classic Cockaboose Railroad
  • Loose Cockaboose
  • At home on the couch
  • Other

I know I am probably missing the best place so make sure to post your comment and share with us the best place to tailgate prior to USC home football games!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charleston Paper predicts game 2 for USC/Klempson

Yesterday we mentioned that 'The Post and Courier' has begun to analyze each of the upcoming games for USC and Klempson. Well LOHD will bring you each installment of their series and we would love to hear your thoughts on their predictions.

So far they have Carolina winning against NC State 18-10. And Klempson beating 'bama 27-20. So according to their predictions both are 1-0 heading into game 2....

Here is their predictions for both schools -


Willy B chosen as 25th tuff-est place to play football

The EA Sports folks have put together a list of the "25 toughest stadiums" in college football as they get ready for Tuesday's release of NCAA Football 09. We here are glad to see Willy B holding its' spot at #25...last here they were at the same spot (click here for last year's report).
Klempson was again higher this year which is BS but I will not go there today. Do take note that the top two stadiums -- and three of the top five -- are SEC venues. Oh, eight of the 12 SEC stadiums made the cut.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

LOHD's Pick 4 President is not a finalist

I demand a re-count.....there had to be a "hanging chad" there somewhere....

Well, it seems the LOHD choice - Andy Card - to be the next president of THE University of South Carolina didn't pan out. It seems some other people had different objectives - HERE - and didn't listen to LOHD.

Media outlets and the univeristy are reporting it is now down to three people --- Janie M. Fouke, Harris Pastides and Geri Hockfield Malandra.

So now the question is "who ya pick'n?"
Decision is suppose to be made on Friday by the big bad board of trustees but let's hear your choice.....good luck to all 3 in their quest to replace Andrew Sorensen.

LOHD's second pick --- I say keep in in the family and go with Harris Pastides, vice president for research and health sciences at USC.

USC Predictions starting to flow in

With 50ish days until the start of college football, now is the time where you will begin to see more and more predictions/reviews/etc.

Seems 'The Post and Courier' has begun to analyze each of the upcoming games for USC and Klempson. To me it is great to see a paper in SC doing this....I wish the Gville News and The State were so bold.

Check out Game 1 predictions for both schools -


USC Rumor Mill

Phil Kornblut pens in a article for the following yesterday-

Six USC Signees Waiting

Six USC signees in the class of 2008 did not report with the rest of the class for Summer Session II Tuesday because they have not yet met the academic or qualifying requirements. According to a source familiar with the situation, it is highly unlikely DE Chaz Sutton and OL Elliott Williams will make it in to school. Sutton said Tuesday if he does not get in to USC, he will enroll at Fork Union Prep, VA for the semster with plans to enroll at USC in January. The source said DE Ronald Byrd and DB Darrell Simmons are 50-50 at best for getting in to USC. Junior college DL Jarriel King has the best chance to make it in of those who are questionable. King is taking a math class he needs for admission to USC. The sixth signee, WR Tori Childers, said Tuesday he plans to enroll at summer school shortly after some paper work is cleared up.


LOHD's pick for President

Of USC of President Bush’s former top aide Andy Card. Some may say he is the frontrunner to take over the job of president at the University of South Carolina and he has our vote. You may recall that Andrew Sorenson is stepping down at the end of the month to enjoy retirement and who better to fill those big shoes than - USC Alum Andy Card.

Two weeks The State reported that Card was among seven choices being considered by a presidential search committee, which includes USC faculty, and the full board. Although The State didn’t name names, last week's AP story confirms that Card is among the options, but he is “keeping quiet about his aspirations.”

Who is he up against you ask - well most sources will point to - Ray Greenberg, the current president of the Medical University of South Carolina, faculty favorite Harris Pastides, the university’s vice president for research and health sciences, and William Hubbard, the chairman of the USC Board of Trustees. This week, The State reported that the "University of South Carolina trustees will release this week the three finalists the board has selected in its search for a new president. And the board could take a vote to name its next leader on Friday."

What could Card do for USC? Well for one he is a alumni and that means something. Second, he is not from acadmeia world. Third, he brings to USC a big name which counts with fundraising capabilities. Fourth, he is someone with real world experience beyond college circles. Fifth, we are confident he could tackle Cocky better than the old president.

We here at LOHD say give Card the job!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Best Football Coaches in SEC --- Spurrier ranked Sixth

Do you agree that Spurrier is the sixth (6th) best football coach in the SEC? The Tennessee Journalist ranks and explains it - HERE.

Here is their list with no explanations, again go HERE to view their reasoning:

1. Les Miles (LSU)
2. Urban Meyer (Florida)
3. Tommy Tuberville (Auburn)
4. Nick Saban (Alabama)
5. Mark Richt (Georgia)
6. Steve Spurrier (South Carolina)
7. Bobby Petrino (Arkansas)
8. Phillip Fulmer (Tennessee)
9. Houston Nutt (Ole Miss)
10. Rich Brooks (Kentucky)
11. Sylvester Croom (Mississippi State)
12. Bobby Johnson (Vanderbilt)


Monday, July 07, 2008

USC Baseball Team has a new Associate Coach

USC baseball coach Ray Tanner announced today that Chad Holbrook will succeed Monty Lee as the Gamecocks' associate head coach and recruiting coordinator.

This is great news for USC baseball and LOHD welcomes Mr. Lee to the Gamecock Family !

Gamecock Preview on

Just noticed that has the Gamecock 2008 Preview up.
Rivals is doing a Top 120 leading up to the 08 season and they have USC listed as number 27 heading into fall practice.

Thoughts? Is Carolina a Top 30 team in your book?

I agree with the final statement in their preview concerning how the 2008 Gamecock Football team will perform and what the outcome depends on......this sums it all up -

Whether the Gamecocks are in SEC East contention depends on the health of the defense and – above all else – the emergence of a competent quarterback.

It is tough being a gamecock...

We have played a total of 114 seasons since 1892, and the numbers only reinforce the idea that being a Gamecock fan takes years off your life.

We have 53 winning seasons, 51 losing seasons, and 10 years at .500 since our start. Even more mind boggling is the point differential for all games played. We've outscored our opponents by 539 points (18,311 to 17,772) in the 1,088 games played in our history. That is an average game score of 16.8 to 16.3, in USC's favor.

Check the link for the numbers -HERE

But as stated before on LOHD, we truly believe that Spurrier (given time) will right this ship and take USC to uncharted territory (SEC Champs).

Sunday, July 06, 2008

LOHD recommends this for the tailgating season

LOHD recommends this product - HERE - for the upcoming 2008 college football season. We here at LOHD are also kicking ourselves for not thinking of this first...

'Hitch & View' is basically a metal bracket that fits in to your trailer hitch which allows you to screw in a flat screen tv. Even has an area for your dish system. All this can be yours for $199...which is not bad. It will be interesting to see who has this for the 08 campaign in Columbia.

Such a simple idea....

Former Gamecock Matt Campbell update...

Awhile back we were trying to hunt down info on former USC pitcher Matt Campbell after the MLB draft concluded but could not find any updates on him. He basically dropped out of sight after pitching a little more than one season in the Royals’ minor league system; well it seems Campbell had Labrum surgery which we are sorry to say put a end to promising MLB career ended at age 25.
Good news is he hasn't given up on life and is going back to USC to finish his more from's article - HERE.