Monday, October 05, 2009

Ten Questions from this past weekend

1.) Is this Bobby Bowden’s last year at FSU, losing to BC probably didn’t help?

2.) Bigger ACC blunder, UVA over UNC or Maryland over Clemson?

3.) Could Dabo be one and done at Clemson, if so, who will the tigers hire next?

4.) Stanford is 3-0 in the PAC-10, do they have a realistic chance of winning the PAC -10?

5.) ESPN has released there updated bowl projections, they have South Carolina playing in the Chick-fil-A bowl, is this a realistic expectation.

6.) Per the General. Are you more scared that you will get Swine Flu or your team will get the Swine Flu?

7.) Oregon’s coach Chip Kelly could reinstate LeGarrette Blount as early as the first week of November, do you think he should be allowed to play?

8.) Coach most likely to be fired before the season is over, can everybody say Dan Hawkins all at once?

9.) Does a SEC team have to go undefeated to make the National Championship Game?

10.) Is Auburn back, I am going to ask this question every week, Can Auburn win the SEC West this year?


General Malaise said...

1. It should be, but with the way his contract is set up, I think they let him have one more agonizing year.

2. Maryland over Clemson. UVA and UNC don't have a chance to win their division with Miami, VT and GT ahead of them. Clemson blew a huge opportunity to have the lead in the atlantic division.

3. A few more games like Saturday, and he will. Bobby Johnson?

4. Sure, if Southern Cal struggles again. Southern Cal always seems to beat any other conference contenders and lose to also rans. Southern Cal will probably beat Stanford, so another loss will be needed.

5. Given the rest of the schedule its quite realistic.

6. I am terrified our team will get the flu before we play some team we could beat at full strength. No one will remember later that our team had the flu, but the loss will still be there.

7. No. Oregon got credit in the aftermath of the Boise game for being decisive and clear in their punishment. This reinstatement would send a poor message about Duck discipline.

8. Dan Hawkins.

9. Not necessarily. Too many factors to say right now. The last 3 champions all came from the SEC and all had atleast one loss prior to the championship game.

10. Not if they have to beat Alabama, which they will have to.

JR said...

1. bobby will have to get fired i don't think he would walk away esp after this disappointing season
2.Maryland boy they suck! UNC was highly overrated and now its showing
3. yeah Move out the way for Tubberville but taters aren't smart they'll give dabo one more year
4. no wait till they play Oregon and south cal
5. kind of but i'm thinking we should surprise and go Cotton or Capital one
7.hell no... you made a judgment now stick to it! They want him back so they have a better shot at winning the pac 10
8. yeah so much for Colorado coming back
9. no Florida gets a free loss this weekend if tebow is out
10. they are close but let them beat say ole miss, bama, or LSU first....