Saturday, November 15, 2008

Florida by 50 over Gamecocks

Gamecocks Defeated By Gators 56-6
Final Stats

I GOT NOTHING as that was painful to watch from start to finish. At least we have a week to rest and prepare. Let's not even try to analyze where we went wrong tonight and what to improve on. Gamecocks truly beat themselves tonight and YES Florida is that good.
Just wipe this ass kickn' out of memory and focus on Clemson.

5 keys to a Gamecock win vs Florida

Let's set the stage...

For the first time since Spurrier arrived at USC, both teams enter the game ranked in the top 25. The No. 24 Gamecocks have won six of their past seven games to return to the polls for the first time since early September, while Florida moved up a spot to No. 3 following its 42-14 drubbing of Vanderbilt and Penn State’s loss to Iowa. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow set a school record with five rushing touchdowns and threw for a career-high 304 yards last year in a 51-31 win against USC, a performance that helped the left-hander win the Heisman Trophy. According to the Heisman Trophy Trust, Saturday’s game will mark the first time a Heisman winner will play against a team coached by a Heisman recipient.

Today, is much like in 06 when Florida needed a win to be in the National Championship hunt. Again they have this same burden and again it is the Gamecocks coming to town to act as spoiler. In 06 they were a Moss finger tip away but came up short.

Florida averages 42.8 points to lead the SEC. South Carolina, though, in its first year under defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson, ranks in the top 10 nationally in total defense (third) and scoring defense (10th) . The Gamecocks have held six opponents to 17 points or fewer, and none have managed more than 24 points.

Story line of the day --- Florida QB Tim Tebow vs. South Carolina's defense

Now to my 5 keys to a Gamecock win vs. Florida....

1. USC Defense has to play perfect --- SC has to be aggressive, make tackles, force TOs. Simple the entire game is on their backs. UF will get points just have to limit them. Hold them under 20 pts and the odds of winning are in our favor. This is a pivotal game for both programs and our defense has to be hungry today.

2. Limit UF big plays --- USC has to limit UF's speed and threats. No easy points today so nothing dumb on special teams or mis tackles in the secondary. Hold on at the start as Florida has outscored its opponents 192-23 in the first half this season. So be tuff in the beginning.

3. USC has to run the ball with success....USC must be able to move the ball on the ground to win.

4. USC O Line...I come back to this but this still is a weak spot on offense. I am not worried about our receiving corps or TEs. UF defense can pressure the heck out of opposing QBs and this can not happen today. Garcia/Smelley need time and Davis/Baker need running lanes.

5. SC must win the small battles today....What do you mean you ask? SC must win the field position game, must limit UF on 3rd attempts, SC must control the clock, SC must win the TO battle. Each time UF has the ball is a battle. Win each time. I am not expecting a shut out but it is all about limiting their opportunities. SC must make the most out of when they get the ball. You get what I am saying....this is the critical key today.

My brain wants to say Flordia will win today with a 34 - 24 win but this is about 5 keys to a Gamecock win. So if the above 5 keys are done and won (so to speak) then I feel the gamecocks will shock the world and walk away with a win by the score of 23-21. Succop be ready....

Thanks Clemson for Holloman

We can add South Pointe defensive back Devonte Holloman, who made a commitment to USC on Friday night, to this list.

He had been committed to Clemson but when Tommy gave up on the tigers so did he. Holloman (6-foot-3, 210 pounds) picked the Gamecocks over North Carolina and LSU.

Videos from Rivals:
Devonte Holloman Highlights 1
Devonte Holloman Highlights 2
Chapel Hill NIKE WR vs. DB

Welcome Mr. Holloman to Gamecock Nation!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gamecocks beat Gamecocks

Gamecocks Start Season With Win Over Jacksonville St. 89-76

Darrin Horn is a winner in his debut as South Carolina men's basketball coach with an 89-76 victory over Jacksonville State on Friday night. But the win was not so great for Raley-Ross and the team b/c of his injury.
Next up for USC is Winthrop on 11/16.

History lesson of USC v UF

  • This is the 29th meeting between Carolina and Florida in a series that dates back to 1911.
  • The Gators lead the all-time series, 21-4-3.
  • Florida is a perfect 11-0 when hosting the Gamecocks in Gainesville.
  • Florida had its 14-game winning streak over the Gamecocks snapped in 2005 in Columbia in a 30-22 Carolina win.
  • It was USC's first win in the series since Nov. 4, 1939, a 6-0 decision in Columbia.
  • Florida rolled to a 51-31 win in Columbia in 2007.
  • The Gators blocked three kicks, including a potential game-winning field goal as time expired, to pull out a 17-16 victory when the two teams met at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in 2006.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday SC Question

As we were sitting around doing this and that....The question of the day came to us and that is.....

Will Florida cover the 'spread', which is set at 22.5, against THE University of South Carolina?

Post your comments....

Florida Fans

Florida fans are calling for a Jort-out this weekend against USC.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what are you doing here?

After winning a couple gold medals in China this summer, Swimming superstar Michael Phelps was in Columbia this past weekend to watch some Gamecock football.

Well our staff asked Michael a couple questions before the game

LOHD: What are you doing here in Columbia?

MP: I enjoy football and watched to see what real football looks like. I had to put up with ACC football growing up and then Michigan football in college. They both suck.

LOHD: What do you think about the women in South Carolina?

MP: They are pretty hot but the dudes are really hot?

LOHD: Say what? Moving on to the next question. What would you give up to meet Steve Spurrier?

MP: Every gold medal
LOHD: Today might be your lucky day. What was the hardest part of winning 8 gold medals?

MP: Wearing a Speedo 8 times.

LOHD: Thanks Michael, and enjoy the game. Go cocks

USC survey

The university of South Carolina wants to know what you think about upgrading Williams Brice.

Any thoughts or ideas about other things the university can do to upgrade Williams Brice?

Watch out for this in Florida

Florida fans still haven't caught on that Jorts are not cool. So my challenge to the fans that are going down this weekend to Gainesville for the USC/UF game is to take as many pictures of Florida fans as possible wearing Jorts. You will receive one point for every picture of a Florida fan in Jorts and 2 points for every Florida fan wearing a windbreak with jorts.

Prizes will be giving for the fan with the most points.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2009 USC Commitments

Here is a loook at USC Commitments thus far for the 09 campaign courtesy of THE STATE ---

Insert Caption from Clemson/FSU Game

Clemson Offensive Line Coach Brad Scott giving a pep talk during FSU game...

Mr. Self Appointed Fan Police Guy

Bud Light presents....Real Men of Genius.
(Real Men of Genius)

Today we salute you Mr. Self Appointed Fan Police Guy
(Mr. Self Appointed Fan Police Guy)

Hawks Eyes! Traditions memorized, True and Tried! You spot every single infraction committed by the fans nearby.
(Barny Fife would sure love you....)

You'd wear your schools colors to your own mothers funeral. You probably wore cut off Jean Shorts and a Player Jersey to your best friend's wedding.....but both pale in comparison to that rainbow wig and school logo you have carved into your crew cut head.
(The Village People are jealous...)

Win, lose or draw, you create corruption. Air Horns, Megaphones, and the backs of seat bleachers are your weapons of destruction.
(I'll be your hero, baby!.....)

Yes, you're there every week. Standing, Chanting, and coaching up those civilized fans around you. You probably never saw a field or made a tackle in your life. It's doubtful you've ever even had a date. But that's OK. You have the kind of spirit, linebacker coaches would die for.
(If only I wasn't fat and fifty!)

So pop open an ice cold Bud Light, you Sultan of Spirit Swing....Because you, and those like you, really have that mojo, when it comes to a fan Bozo...
(Mr. Self Appointed Fan Police Guy)

Monday, November 10, 2008

USC Senior is defensive lineman of the week

University of South Carolina senior Jordin Lindsey was named the SEC's defensive lineman of the week. He had a pair of solo tackles and a big interception in the Gamecocks' 34-21 win against Arkansas.

SEC Football Players of the Week Announced

More Bowl Talk for Gamecocks...

With the SC Gamecocks bowl-eligible and with 7 wins, now it is time to get serious about what are the options to go "bowl-ling."

The SEC has agreements to send nine of its member institutions to postseason bowl games following the 2008 season. The winner of the SEC Championship Game will automatically participate in the Bowl Championship Series comprised of the Sugar, Rose, Orange and Fiesta Bowls. SEC could get a at-large team also in the BCS to give them 2 representatives. The Capital One will make its pick following the BCS selections. The Outback and Cotton Bowls are next, followed by the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The Liberty and Music City Bowls will pick sixth and seventh, not in any specific order. The Independence Bowl has the eighth selection, while the Bowl will pick ninth.

Most bowl projections and talk have South Carolina going to the Outback, Chick-fil-a or Cotton as of today. Very outside shot at Capital One as this would take a win vs. UF. I know all this will change as the season progresses. Most likely it seems either Outback or Chick-fil-a.

Gameday is going to be where?

Gameday will be in Florida this weekend, for the Hampton/ Florida A&M game. I think there is a better game in Florida then A&M vs. Hampton, don't you? At least they aren’t still in Texas for the 9th week in a row. I feel that Gameday has gone downhill over the past couple of years, I can only take some much of watching Tebow drink warm milk and save cats from tree’s so much. They should bring back the Ray-Ray story, haven’t seen that one in a couple weeks.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Insert Caption for this USC/Ark Pic

Insert your own caption in the comments section for this photo. This picture was taken before the Arkansas game by The State newspaper. It is Spurrier looking at his QBs.....

Spurrier now tied...

Steve Spurrier, Carolina head coach, is tied now with Warren Giese. The recent win moves Spurrier into a tie with Warren Giese for seventh place on the Gamecocks' all-time list. Giese won 28 games from 1956-60, going 28-21-1 during that stretch (7-3, 5-5, 7-3, 6-4, 3-6-1). Head coach Steve Spurrier is 28-19 in his fourth season in Columbia.

Gamecocks in Top 25; USC v UF game time set

Gamecocks Move Back Into Top 25
Gamecocks - Gators Set for 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS