Friday, August 10, 2007

Which of these goals do you want to see USC achieve?

Which of these goals for 2007 would you want to see S. Carolina achieve?

  • A unprecedented third-straight bowl game with a win.
  • The school's third-ever season of 9 or more victories
  • Two-in-row over Clemson, which hasn't happened since the Gamecocks won three consecutive from 1968 to 1970.

Post a comment. I'd like to see a 9-3 season personally.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

23 days

Some nice artwork from EDSBS

Notice the Georgia Tech winning 30 - 28 in the background. Happy Halloween Taters.

Courtesy of Moose

Spurrier might be a good fit at Ole Miss, where you can get in, even if you can’t read. Funny stuff .

Powe to accept Ole Miss Scholarship; eligibility odyssey might be over Aug. 8, 2007 By Dennis Dodd CBS Senior Writer Tell Dennis your opinion! Celebrated recruit Jerrell Powe is expected to sign scholarship papers with Mississippi on Thursday, bringing closer to an end a sometimes-bitter initial eligibility battle with the NCAA.
Advertisement Powe’s attorney Donald Jackson told on Wednesday night that the player’s admission is conditional based on final certification by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Powe can practice up to 14 days while waiting for the ruling.
Powe, a five-star defensive tackle from Waynesboro, Miss., originally signed with Ole Miss in 2005 but did not qualify academically. He then attended prep school at Hargrave Military Academy and signed again with the Rebels in 2006. The NCAA then questioned some correspondence courses the athlete had taken with BYU, saying he couldn’t have completed the work without “significant assistance.”
Powe’s case was not helped when his mother was quoted in court papers saying, “Jerrell is a really good child but he just can’t read.”
Powe’s family filed suit to get a temporary injunction so that he could be admitted but eventually withdrew the action. The NCAA took the unique step of laying out an academic road map for Powe to gain initial eligibility: Take some high school courses over again or attend junior college.
Powe elected to take the high school courses. Part of the process involved taking some courses online and attending a Spanish class in Jackson, Miss. Even after all that, the NCAA required a 27-point list of things it needed to see before ruling on the player. Time became crucial as Ole Miss enters its fifth day of fall drills on Wednesday.
Powe faxed his papers to Ole Miss on Wednesday night and could be at practice as early as Thursday, Jackson said. Now 20, Powe is still considered a blue-chip prospect at 6-foot-3, 330 pounds.
“He has graduated (from high school) twice,” the Montgomery, Ala.-based attorney said.
“I’ve been involved in a number of NCAA cases. This case is different than any case I’ve been involved in.”

2007 CSTV SEC East Preview

(h/t: Georgia Sports Blog)

Korn to the Rescue?

Will this guy be the savior of the Clemson Football Team in 2007 or is a redshirt heading his way? Comments?

I just don't see this guy bringing back the glory to CU. He was a product of the system (see - Danny Wuerffel) at Byrnes High. Unless there are some major changes to the offensive scheme at CU then we will be just another QB. CU is built to run right now...if Korn is to light it up they will need some more WRs. Don't get me wrong he is good but he is not the Great White Hope at CU that all are praying for. I think the best thing for CU to do is to redshirt the kid in 07 b/c it would benefit them for 4 yrs rather than put him in there in 07 to take hits behind a youthful line.

Comments? Article on Korn and Harper HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Big 10 looking to go to 12?

We have all heard the recent conversations in the media about the Big Ten Conference expanding in the near future to 12 teams. The Big Ten wants to expand in hopes of a conference championship game, to increase its' reach and, more important, it would add the potential for a serious increase in the league's revenues with bowls, tv deals, etc.

Here is the list of "rumored" suspects to join the Big Ten:
-Notre Dame

Which team do you think will jump ship and head over to the Big Ten? I don't see UK or Tenn leaving the SEC, what do you think? Texas could be swayed I feel out of above group.

756 a number to remember

Congrats Barry on finally passing Aaron, now we can stop watching Giants games every night and get back to our normal lives. Did you see the police escorting the man that caught the famous home run ball? He was all decked out in Mets stuff. I wonder how much he is going to sell that souvenir for?

Another year of this...

The 2007 Mic Man is Brent McCraw, a senior Hospitality, Retail and Tourism Management major from Columbia.

I was hoping they would do away with this but oh no. Thoughts on his role? Again, I feel this is something that USC should discontinue. Many fans just can not stand to hear Mic Man beg for cheers and it is funny to talk to visiting fans and they ask "what is up with that guy?"

Should USC do away with Mic Man or has this become a "tradition" at Carolina?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More drama about recruits...

The media and fans are loving this episode between the university and Spurrier. ESPN and most sports sites have covered this ongoing dilemma of 'athletes vs academics'. You may remember Tommy Bowden faced this same issue a while back but it did not get the media attention that Spurrier has. Fans are calling for the firing of "Mr. Bowtie," otherwise known as Andrew Sorenson. But I feel Sorenson and Spurrier will work this out. There is always a rift among academia and big time college sports; this is just the latest headline that will pass in time but changes need to be made.

This morning there was a article (HERE) with the USC Trustees weighing in and there is a news report from the Gville News today that goes into detail on this subject and you can read it HERE. It discusses "special admits" and the number of them allowed in.

Here is the jist of the article -

"While coach Steve Spurrier has complained about the process, the University of South Carolina's special admissions committee has given the football coach's recruits a lot of consideration and approved a large number of them in his three years at the school.
Spurrier's first three recruiting classes include 63 special admits -- 84 percent of the players admitted -- according to figures supplied by the athletic department. NCAA rules allow Division I programs to bring in 25 players each year. Spurrier's first class featured 23 special admits. There were 22 in 2006-07 and 18 in 2007-08. The latter number could go up if any players enroll in January."

"Special admits are students not accepted under the regular admission guidelines but who possess "a special performance talent" in athletics as well as music or dance."


Cheer Cheer for Old Notre Dame

Notre Dame players, in addition to being unable to defeat ranked teams, also seem to have trouble finding women to sleep with them. Undeterred, some of the Irish heros have decided to press on and pay for the company of women ... or attempt to pay undercover cops. DL Derrell Hand was arrested in a sting operation the South Bend Tribune reported Saturday. To the left is Derrell, the pride of the Irish.

The real question is, was Derrell unable to find company through traditional courting or was he just fed up with Notre Dame girls being ugly?

The Wizard of Odds story
Deadspin story

Why the fuss recently over Recruits?

Well let's look at how our top 5 recruiting class has fared since signing.

Recently, Defensive Back recruit Arkee Smith was denied admission. Smith then appealed the initial denial by USC, but the appeal was denied also. Off to JC for him. This sprung the "flap."

That means USC lost 5 signees, 4 to academics (Antonio Allen, Eric Baker, Michael Bowman and Smith). The fifth, Mat Williams, simply decided to give up football.

Last I heard, USC is awaiting word on the academic status of a 6th recruit, DB Akeem Auguste.

Also 2 juniors have left the team (h/t: cocknfire): OG Matt Raysor and LB Dakota Walker. Raysor was a backup which sux b/c we need lots of help up front and Walker was a 3rd stringer but still showed some nice ability in the past.

USC is expecting to have 2007 non-qualifiers RB Eric Baker and DB Antonio Allen as part of their 2008 recruiting class.

No wonder Spurrier is not so happy with the USC Admissions Office.

Monday, August 06, 2007

good stuff

Very true

Who should be Red shirted this season.

Last night I get a half drunk call from my good buddy in Charleston saying that Spurrier has done lost it. "Do I need to come up there and tell Spurrier what to do; you can't red shirt Brian Maddox." "I have seen his high school tapes and he is going to be great, Tell Tyler Rank and Bobby Wallace to go home."

I personally wouldn't mind seeing Brian Maddox red shirt, let him practice with Cory and Mike, learn how to be a college back. It took Mike Davis a whole season before he started producing decent numbers.

So my question to you is what incoming freshman do you want to see on the field, and what players do you think should be red shirted?

Who should be Red shirted this season.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Admission flap at USC..

Below is a good article to be read by Carolina fans about the 'admission flap' that caused USC to lose two recruits recently. Seems there are some obstacles to change in the process or else Spurrier may leave? Don't think he will but seems the system needs to be looked at on how the recruiting process is handled.

What do you guys think? Spurrier making a fuss over nothing?

Article - HERE

Best news story from USC practice...

A fan in a wedding dress, only at Carolina. This was reported in the Gville News today. Talk about strange but we are in the South. I figured things like this only happened at ' to hear some comments on this one.

"An estimated crowd of 3,100 -- the most by the third-year coach's count in his tenure -- were on hand for the practice, including a couple who were married earlier in the day. The wife was still in her wedding gown.
Hoards lined the sidelines or sat on top of their trucks and SUVs outside the fence watching."

I hope that this was not part of the honeymoon. She will be able to tell her friends that she got married and then went to see Cocks play after getting hitched.