Saturday, September 29, 2007

SC Keys to a win vs. MSU...

It's Homecoming as the South Carolina Gamecocks (3-1, 1-1 SEC) host the Mississippi State Bulldogs (3-1, 1-1 SEC) in an SEC match-up on Saturday, Sept. 29. Game time is set for 12:30 p.m. at Williams-Brice Stadium (80,250) in Columbia. The Gamecocks are ranked 16th in the latest Associated Press poll and 21st in this week's USA Today/Coaches' poll.

So Chris Smelley, the 6-foot-2 216-pound Tuscaloosa, Ala., native, has been given the keys to the Univ of South Carolina Offense. Smelley hit 12 of 26 for a career-high 174 yards and one touchdown along with an interception against LSU....which is not bad but not stellar. All Carolina Fans will admit that there is work to be done on the Offense side of the ball. Thank God for the Defense unit because that has kept SC from really being a bottom dweller in the SEC. MSU is 3-1 and should pose a tough test early but by the end of the day the Carolina Defense and a new and I hope improved offense will prevail.

South Carolina has won four straight in the series with Mississippi State to even the all-time set at six wins apiece. The teams have split six games evenly in both Columbia and Starkville.

So what are the keys for a win against MSU to the game?

1. First the passing game has to Shine -- Time to finally do something on offense with the passing game. Play pitch and catch, get the TE's involved so it can open up the run game. Spurrier needs to give Smelley the green light to throw a deep ball more than once..this will keep MSU honest. SC has the speed so let's use it. It is important for Smelley to connect against MSU b/c they will be looking to shut down the run game and force Carolina to beat them in the air.

2. Defense must play "lights out" -- they Carolina D ranks second in the nation in passing yards allowed per game. This after playing two road games against ranked teams: No. 12 Georgia and No. 2 LSU. Opponents have thrown for an average of 103.5 yards per game and have one passing touchdown. The D needs to force a TO and don't give up on 3rd downs. Yes, Pepper and Brinkley are out but I feel the D can still be a force and stop has too in order for USC to win.

3. USC rushing game must get big yards ---USC has two rushing plays of more than 20 yards this season and six passing plays of more than 25 yards. Boyd and Davis, it is time to break one for a long TD run. As seen all year our offense depends on the running game is this is a key against MSU who has a good D line.

4. WR Play --- The Carolina WR play is crucial this game from having to catch the ball to blocking so that Spurrier and the team can win. We need some players (anyone) to step up this game.

5. Special Teams and Succop must continue to be stellar --- USC must win the field position battle, make FGs and punt the ball well. Go for a block kick and I am still waiting for USC to run one back on a PR or KR...maybe this game.....we need big plays.

Prediction -- USC 24 MSU 10

Friday, September 28, 2007

Free Cook

University of South Carolina press release just said that today in Court, Emanuel Cooks gun charge has been dropped due to lack of evidence and intent. We were all ready to jump on Cook for his involvement with the gun but in the end it all worked out. Go Cocks

Another reason not to go to Georgia

Per, this is a crazy story coming out of Athens. This could happen a lot in Athens as I can attest that it is hard as hell to get a cab in that town and people can be pretty sketchy after the game. Just ask Big Angry about it?

ATHENS, GA (WXIA, WLTX) - Nearly three weeks ago, a 20-year-old former University of South Carolina student celebrated the win over Georgia in downtown Athens, and got separated from her friends. Police say a driver of an unmarked van stopped at the corner of East Broad and Thomas Streets in Athens and asked her if she needed a ride home.The second she stepped into the van, which looked like a number of other taxis in Athens, the co-ed became the victim on a police report. Fifteen minutes later, in Oglethorpe County, police say the man stopped in a secluded area, and then tried to grab her.She escaped and ran away before anything more happened.Caroline Williams says the man behind the wheel told her to 'give it up' or he would leave her stranded in a remote area. She chose to run. The young woman ran toward a field, climbed over a fence and called 911 from her cell phone. She says the operator told her to head in the direction of a nearby home and wait for police. Athens-Clarke County police are looking at video from downtown cameras for clues, working on a sketch of the suspect, and warning women before this weekend's home game. Police plan to work with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Monday to develop a sketch of the suspect based on their findings."If you're around Athens and you're riding around at night, or especially on the weekends, it's not uncommon to see some women traveling by themselves, or a group of women," said Athens-Clarke County Police Capt. Clarence Holeman. "Women are the target. We just want them to be more aware of their surroundings."The suspect is described as a white man with brown hair, about 5'9 tall, 20 to 30 years old. Police say he was wearing a light blue or white polo shirt and baseball hat that night. They say his van is white with gray interior.There's a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 706-613-3342.

Is this Holtz or Spurrier talk?

Today in the Greenville News, the Ole Ball Coach was describing how practice this week for the Gamecocks was not good. In talking about the game against MSU he says -

"It could be a struggle this Saturday, could be a big struggle," Spurrier said. "We're going to challenge them all the way up to the game because I'm really scared to death of this game. "If our guys ... go out there thinking we're hot stuff...Mississippi State could run up and down the field on us...We could get clobbered really."
Is he just "poor mouthin" the team to set up a win that could be closer than many think (i.e not covering the spread)? Lou Holtz was well known for talking bad about his own teams leading into a game only to win the game (or lose close). Spurrier seems to be doing this a lot lately which is not like him....thoughts?

I know we have struggled on offense but I think we will start clicking soon with Smelley being fired up with a lot to prove. Our defense is hands down tops in the SEC and will again make it difficult for MSU. I think USC covers the spread this weekend (13.5); it will be tight to start but USC pulls away in 2nd I wishing too much? I hope the Ol' Ball Coach changes his tone soon and I would love to see a flawless game this season.

Also Spurrier is 18-11 in three years at USC and with a win over MSU can match Warren Giese and Joe Morrison for the most wins by a Gamecock coach in his first 30 games. Both Giese and Morrison were 19-11.

{Sidenote---What do you think of the revamped USC Sports Site?}

How many douche bags can there be in one picture

I saw this picture on, and just wanted some insight.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is best for Noon kickoffs?

The South Carolina Gamecocks kick off at 12:30pm on Saturday against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. I is early which translates to early tailgating and post game activities. So LOHD and Carolina Fans...what should be the drink of the morning? Should breakfast be served to start the day off, like chicken biscuits or what?

Let's hear those early morning tailgating recipes or drink of choice for a noon game that gets ya going.

Rankings of SEC/ACC teams

The State paper has provided a ranking of the SEC/ACC teams thus far this year. The rankings are provided by Seth Emerson.

My question to you is do you agree with their rankings? Their are a few SEC teams low on their list that should not be that Tenn that bad? Is SC better than VT? Is UVa better than Ark or is Miss St better than Auburn?

I guess just like in life only time will tell.....

1. LSU
23. N.C. STATE
24. DUKE

The Gamecocks vs. Corso saga continues

Here is a new twist to the debate and we would love to hear your thoughts. With the WIS TV response and the USA Today weighing in...boy it is fun.

I think the marketing campaign surrounding the comments Corso made is great and gets the fanbase fired up. Keep in mind that is the point - to create a buzz around the football program and to get people interested (which could lead to booster club donations). If Corso and ESPN get mad or whatever then fine..cry me a river...they give opinions and if we call them out on the Spurrier winning the SEC thing then fine by me....we too are entitled to our opinion.

Here is the latest-

Perspective: WIS Editorial on USC vs. Lee Corso by General Manager
Mel Stebbins

If you went to the Gamecock football team's home opener, you probably saw a video on the scoreboard that took some shots at ESPN football analyst Lee Corso.

In a recent State Newspaper article, columnist Ron Morris says the University of South Carolina's Athletic Department demonstrated no class, and called the scoreboard video "tasteless." That video included the now infamous comment by Corso, "I don't think Spurrier can win the SEC or the national title. I don't care if he coaches here 400 years."

Morris points out that Corso, as a football analyst, gets paid to offer his opinion and yes, he made the remark two years ago. Corso's response? "I can't control what they do or say. I can just give my opinion."

But this wasn't just an opinion, it was a monumental gaff on Corso's part. If the Athletic Department can use that memorable opinion to help inspire donors in the capital fundraising campaign, why not? If Coach Spurrier can use it to rev up fans and players, why not have some fun at Corso's expense?

By the way, in ten years as head football coach of the Indiana Hoosiers, Lee Corso's record was 41 wins, 68 losses, and 2 ties. So much for expert analysis. Let us know what you think and, Mr. Morris, if you would like to respond to this editorial, you're certainly welcome.

(Source: LOHD reader Gray and on the web here.)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bad news gamecocks

Jasper Brinkley is done for the season with a torn ACL in his Knee, as reported by the university just a few minutes ago.

What do we do now, Ingram looked losted on saturday?

Big 10 power ranking

Well know that Division II schools can be ranked I figured I would throw my 2 cents into the big 10 power ranking.,

1. Ohio State 4-0 (who knows, they won't play app state or Wofford)
2. Wofford 3-1 (couldn't beat NC State, but would run the table in the Big 10)
3. Appalachian State 3-1 (would love to play in the Big 10 to stay away from Wofford)
4. Purdue 4-0 (best school in Indiana right now, big surprise)
5. Wisconsin 4-0 (Citadel scored 31, enough said)
6. Illinois 3-1 (Ron Zoon, Wishes he still had spurriers players)
7. Michigan 2-2 (Big blue flat out sucks, Bring on Les Miles)
8. Michigan State 4-0 (Way to beat up on ND)
9. Indiana 3-1 (Lee Corso couldn't even get a winning season here)
10.Penn State 3-1 (about time for a new coach)
11 Iowa 2-2 (Northern Iowa is the real deal)
12Northwestern 2-2 (lost to duke, go big 10)
13. Minnesota 1-3 (Bring back Laurence Maroney)
14. Notre Dame 0-4 (Offensive coach of the year)

The big 10 has finally beat out the ACC for worst Conference.

Gamecocks in the polls...

The Gamecocks fell in the AP Poll, to No. 16, and fell to No. 21 in the USA TODAY poll.
Also in the first Harris Poll of the season, South Carolina debuts at No. 17.

USC now ranks 104th out of 119 I-A teams nationally in rushing defense, allowing 216.5 yards a game. USC is also 79th in total offense (354 yards a game), including 66th on the ground (143.75) and 71st in passing (210.25).

Is Spurrier's star fading?

Interesting article on AOL Fanhouse about this subject. I pass it on to you to read and be the judge as it does bring up some interesting points to consider yet I truly feel that if we give Spurrier time he will bring a SEC Championship home to Columbia. Thoughts....

Full Story - HERE.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gald it is over...

The LSU vs. USC game that is....the Tigers rushed to a 28-16 victory over 12th-ranked USC behind a ground assault that rolled up 290 yards on a rainy afternoon before the fourth-largest crowd in the history of Tiger Stadium. By comparison, USC (3-1, 1-1 in the Southeastern Conference) had just 17 yards rushing on 27 carries, its worst showing since being held to no net yards in a 33-7 loss to LSU on Oct. 18, 2003.

It was not a pretty game from rain and mud to bad plays and dropped passes. Jasper, Captain and Cook get hurt; not to mention Mitchell gets benched. I agree with Spurrier on this issue...Mitchell just is not producing; seems he is the 'Senior' that does not care and just wants the whole thing to be over. I welcome Smelley and hopes he can get it together b/c our offense looked horrible and MSU is not going to be that easy (they beat Auburn).

Here are some links about the game:
Spurrier benches Mitchell
LSU grounds out victory
LSU exploits USC’s run defense
LSU trick play looks familiar