Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ole Miss beats UF

Not to overlook UAB tonight but Ole Miss beat UF. I am already nervous of next week's game at Ole Miss. Snead is good and the 'ol rebel scheme' may cause some issues vs our D but we can talk about that later....BEAT UAB!

Make sure to visit our friend at leading up to next week!

CU loss Quote of the Day

Via ESPN article

This is my favorite quote from the clemson loss....
The coaches told Maryland players at the half, "if we hit them in the mouth, they're going to fold, so that's what we came out and did," Terps linebacker Alex Wujciak said.

Pondering the Questions of the Day

  • Is Klempson losing to Maryland today comparable to Vandy beating USC???
  • Is Harper still a Heisman candidate or should I ask were they serious even to think this?
  • Does Klempson still have a shot at the ACC crown?
  • When will tiger fans realize that tommy has gotten the team as far as he can?
I will say it again as I have for years now - Bowden plays not to lose rather than plays to win! Again it showed today as the second half tigers were shut down and out coached!

5 Keys to a USC Win vs UAB

I strongly feel that USC will win today against the dragons of UAB. Here are the 5 keys to a Carolina win:

1. The strength of the team must continue to be the strength --- USC continues to rank among the nation's leaders in defense. The Gamecocks are first in pass defense and ninth in total defense (225 yards a game) and 16th in scoring defense (12.75 points). The Carolina D must again step up and limit the UAB offense. UAB broke a three-game losing streak Saturday, whipping Alabama State 45-10. Wide receiver Frantrell Forrest is UAB's main offensive threat and ranks ninth nationally in all-purpose yards at 180 a game. So control WR Forrest, limit their big plays, and get some 3 and outs so the Carolina offense can remain on the field.

2. USC must create TOs on Defense and have none on Offense --- The Gamecocks are 112th out of 119 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in turnover margin at 1.75. USC has three fumble recoveries and two interceptions. Coupled with 12 offensive turnovers, the Gamecocks’ rank 112th in the country in turnover margin. Enough is enough on offense!!! Defense just needs to keep playing aggressive.

3.USC Offense must click --- The time is now for the offense to begin to click....this game is the final tune-up before the meat of the schedule so let's see a solid performance. UAB is allowing 34.75 points and 494.75 yards a game to rank 117th out of 119 FBS teams in both categories nationally. So there is a chance to put up some points and improve the offensive stats....USC is tied for 96th in rushing (113.25 yards), 92nd in scoring (20.25), 78th in total offense (339.75 yards) and 52nd in passing (226.5 yards). No more throwing in triple coverage, make the reads, check on recieving options and execute like we all know a Spurrier offense can. I want to see a offense that runs smoothly and acts like they know how to win.

4.USC O- line play --- USC is 113th in sacks allowed at 3.25 a game...113! Dear O line please step up and protect the qb, create some running lanes and give whoever is under center some time to get a throw off. Knock the opposing d line back and show us why you are a starting offensive lineman in the sec...

5. No injuries - USC needs to have no injuries on either side of the ball.

I want to see a USC team that is hungry to win and ready to kick ass...
My prediction - USC 37 UAB 10

Friday, September 26, 2008

Vote for Cocky

All University of South Carolina Fans are strongly encouraged to vote for Cocky for Mascot of the by going to and vote often!

SEC Power Poll - Week 4

Here is the SEC Power Poll - HERE.

My ballot:

1. UF
2. UGA
3. LSU
4. Bama
5. Auburn
6. Vandy
7. SC
8. Ole Miss
9. UK
10. UT
11. MSU
12. Ark

Friday Trivia

1. Last Night the Beavers (1-2) beat the #1 team in the country. Who was the last #1 ranked team to lose to a sub .500 team?

2. name the team that beat them.

3. This college coach was recently quoted by saying this asinine comment “The Pac 10 is a tough conference” (..ummm apparently he didn’t get the memo that they have one of the worst out of conference records this year?)

4. This conference is 0-5 VS MWC this year, name them.

5. Name the three teams that might be back to prominence in college football… hint: They won or split four of six national championships from 1992-1997.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smelley to start but look for some new guys to get a chance

Looks like Spurrier is going to shake things up and get some new players on the field Saturday, which is a good thing. Maybe even the 6 year old above who is showing our receivers how to catch a ball will get to play some...seriously this kid was catching everything thrown his way last Saturday. He is kinda like our WRs as they just need a QB to get the ball to them and I am not talking about triple coverage.

Smelley will get the nod at QB to begin with but coach Steve Spurrier said Garcia will get some reps....this is good. And in reading this article - here- seems some others are getting some well deserved 'PT.'

Breakdown of new blood -

  • Sophomore Brian Maddox will start at tailback for Mike Davis, one of four players suspended for violating the athletic department’s class attendance policy
  • Terence Campbell will start at right guard for Heath Batchelor, who also is suspended
  • Joe Hills and Jason Barnes will start at WR
  • Larry Freeman will start at tight end along with Jared Cook if USC opens in a two tight-end set
  • Clifton Geathers will start at defensive end for Jordin Lindsey, who also is suspended

Update - USC left tackle Jarriel King is doing better...good luck King!

Jersey boy writes about spurrier in The Gamecock

The best quote about Mike zanfardino’s article in The Gamecock last week asking the university of fire Steve Spurrier. Some one commented “Tell this gweeto its not spurrier's fault the jets suck.” There is now a movement to kick Mike Zanfardino out of school and send his ass back to Dirty Jersey. He should stick to writing about wall ball, hair gel and shirts without sleeves. Leave the gamecocks and Coach Spurrier do their job. Turning the South Carolina program isn’t going to happen overnight especially when you play in the SEC.
The worst thing the university could do is fire Steve at this point. He is building another good recruiting class, as well as finally getting to develop a QB that might be able to make a pass down field.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

USC Soap Box #1 of 2008

I agree with JR that it seems the USC football team is on the verge of some shaking up for the betterment and rightfully so b/c the team needs some motivation to play better. I truly feel this team has the potential to excel in the upcoming SEC portion of the schedule. Let's move past the Vandy loss and not talk about that one anymore. Morris got it right with this. There are some issues on the o-fence side of the ball....Spurrier Sr... how about you take command of the offense... no more experiments with Spurrier Jr calling plays for now at least. Let's get the Cock n fire offense working like a machine before you hand over the keys to your son!

I think there are some guys out there that given the chance they will step up despite what this says b/c they simply need some drive to least in my view. It seems the team needs a good talking to in my opinion and it is time for our team to man up and get a identity. We have a O line that seems to go through the motions until like the UGA game they get some fire in their belly and play well....boys play your assignments.

I truly feel the big reason our offense has hit the skids is b/c of the QB situation. In my opinion, Beecher/Smelly have not properly gone through their 'check offs' of receivers. If the #1 or #2 option is not open then they freak out and don't know what to do or throw in triple coverage. I know the line is not perfect but the last two home games I have sat in the stands and watched Smelly miss WIDE OPEN WRS/TEs. If I had a dollar for every time Smelly has thrown in triple coverage, I swear I would have 15 dollars by now. Think about it if J Cook has 3 guys around him then some other receiver has to be a little more open...just sayn'. Also for god's sake throw a pass down the field....please just try, I know the QBs we have can throw the ball in the air at least 30 yards....please try! Smelly try to aim small so you will quite overthrowing receivers. Also let's quite forcing passes and another thing - J Cook and McKinley do not need to meet their quota for catches per game...just get the ball to the open receiver and stop always looking in their direction!

I have good vibes with the UAB game...not b/c they suck and we will win but b/c we will see some players given a chance to perform so step right up! I think our running game will be great and passing will be better than in the past. Baker is still one of the best weapons and Garcia needs to have a come to Jesus talk with himself and be the player we all know he can be! Garcia needs to at least be put in the game for more than 3 plays to see what he has... Spurrier please get creative with the is 2008 and a lot has changed from the UF days...We all know you are a great coach and have a great offensive mind so by all means get creative with the ball....I close with one prayer and that is for USC to have for once this season NO TURNOVERS in a game!

I will now step down from my soap box....GO COCKS!

USC's Jarrel King taken to local hospital

USC O-lineman Jarrel King was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance this morning after what coach Steve Spurrier called a "heart flutter" during a weight lifting session.

More HERE....LOHD wishes Mr. King the best!

Spurrier determined to right offensive

Spurrier is ready to shake things up on offense again and no position is safe. Check out these quotes:

"There may be some different starters this week, all over the offense," Spurrier said. "We're going to have tryouts this week to see who we think the best players are to go play."

"I'm tired of watching the way we play," Spurrier said. "We need to (have tryouts). This time, if we have to play a whole bunch of freshmen and walk-ons, I will do it. We're going to see how the guys compete in practice. We'll shake it up and see what happens."

"We need to find out which guys want to bust their tail and play all-out for South Carolina," Spurrier said. "That's what the fans want, that's what I want, that's what we all want. We just don't quite get it right now. It's not terrible, but it needs to be better."

and the best one....

"We're opening up all spots," Spurrier said. "If Larry Freeman has the best week at tight end, he'll start this week. Some of those linemen, shoot, we're not afraid to put anybody on the bench right now. I don't know anyone that has played so well on offense that he deserves to say he's a starter. Do you see any all-conference performances out there?"

Looks like Spurrier is not having anymore excuses and is finally going to put in everyone. I personally like this decision. I mean some guys are "Gamers" and some guys are practice guys. Its one thing to do well in your conform zone in practice, but to do it on the big stage is a different story. The only way you find out is to let them play. Here's to finally seeing what Garcia, Barnes, Maddox, and Hills can do.

But then again if we play well people will say its only UAB (then insert Ole miss and Kentucky the following two weeks). So there you have it folks 3 weeks to make this offense ready to go against LSU.....