Friday, July 25, 2008

10 ways USC could recruit better in the future...

LOHD understands that USC coaches and recruits are busy this time of year sorting through the recruiting miss so here are 10 ways USC could recruit better in the future -

1. Don't lose to Vanderbilt at HOME when you are a double digit favorite. We were out-hustled, out-played, and (gasp) out-coached that day, plain and simple by a team with inferior talent at many positions.

2. Don't go on a five game losing streak after being ranked at #6 in the country, blowing at least two leads LATE in the UT and CU games.

3. Never be ranked #12 in run defense in the SEC EVER AGAIN!

4. Sell the "it's never been done here" approach better. Many athletes love a challenge, and USC playing for the SEC East would be a START.

5. Get rid of the "here we go again" folks. Losing is contagious, just as winning is. When you expect to succeed often you will, when you're waiting for the BS "chicken curse" to ruin your season, it more than likely will.

6. Get PSLs and capital campaign going ASAP. Begin to release some positives on our capital fund raising to the public. I know we have had many LARGE contributions, but only one or two have been made public. Facilities really need addressing and Hyman seems to be on the ball here. At least we have plans, now we need to SEE some of these projects breaking ground.

7. Use Spurrier's name recognition, his impeccable past (NO NCAA investigations ANYWHERE he's been), ACC (Duke)and SEC (UF) championships, the # of former players in the pros (offense and defense) - the NFL has many players that learned the game under his system.

8. Don't ever get out-worked by your in-state rival. They will get their share of in-state talent, but they shouldn't get guys by out-working our coaches. If we have coaches that don't like to recruit, then they're in the wrong damn profession!

9. If other schools use negative recruiting against us, then retaliate in kind. If Tommy is selling you can't win at Carolina, then remind recruits that he has an illustrious 3-5 mark in bowl games, and has NEVER qualified for an ACC championship berth, MUCH LESS played for one in NINE YEARS, and check out the offensive players that have flourished in his system enough to succeed in the NFL? WR, QB, OL, TE, RB (names anyone??)

10. Try and recruit kids that won't embarrass Carolina. The off the field issues, I would have to think, have caused us to lose several recruits, with Jaron Brown being rumored to be one of those. Once we get these athletes on campus, someone needs to do a better job of explaining not what's expected but what is DEMANDED for personal conduct. What kids need to realize that their actions not only effect them, they effect USC as a whole. Doing the right thing should not be that damn hard!

I know some of the above has improved and you know what we can only get better! Go Cocks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Freshman Gamecocks get their numbers

The USC Media Guide, that was released today in conjunction with the SEC Media Days occuring today, has the new freshman listed with their uniform numbers.

Here is a run down -
Reggie Bowens - 43
Jarrett Burns - 33
Ronald Byrd - 93
Tori Childers - 83
Kenny Davis - 94
Ryan Doerr - 39
Aramis Hillary - 3
T.J. Johnson - 55
Jarriel King - 76
Reid McCollum - 14
Kenny Miles - 24
D.L. Moore - 12
Darrell Simmons - 8
Chaz Sutton - 51
Devin Taylor - 98
Mike Triglia - 89
Elliot Williams - 67

2008 Gamecock Depth Chart for the Defense

USC defensive depth chart as stated in the 08 media guide ---

Defensive End:
Jordin Lindsey
Clifton Geathers
Byron McKnight
Defensive Tackle
Nathan Pepper
Jonathan Williams
Donte'e Nicholls

Defensive Tackle:
Ladi Ajiboye
Marque Hall

Defensive End:
Cliff Matthews
Travian Robertson

Strongside Linebacker:
Gerrod Sinclair
Antonio Allen
Alonzo Winfield

Middle Linebacker:
Jasper Brinkley
Rodney Paulk
Marvin Sapp
Melvin Ingram
Damien Wright

Weakside Linebacker:
Eric Norwood
Dustin Lindsey
Shaq Wilson

Carlos Thomas
Akeem Auguste
Jamire Williams
Jay Spearman

Free Safety:
Darian Stewart
Chris Culliver

Strong Safety:
Emanuel Cook
Mark Barnes
Chris Hail

Captain Munnerlyn
Addison Williams
Stoney Woodson

2008 Gamecock Depth Chart for the Offense

Here is the offensive depth chart for USC as published in the new 2008 media guide:

Tommy Beecher
Chris Smelley

Running Back:
Mike Davis
Brian Maddox
Taylor Rank
Bobby Wallace
Eric Baker

Patrick DiMarco
Bryan Kingrey
Yvan Banag

Wide Receiver:
Kenny McKinley
Larry Freeman
Matt Clements
C.C. Whitlock

Wide Receiver:
Dion Lecorn
Jason Barnes

Wide Receiver:
Moe Brown
Joe Hills
Freddie Brown

Left Tackle:
Jamon Meredith OR Hutch Eckerson
Quintin Richardson
Gurminder Thind

Left Guard:
Lemuel Jeanpierre
Pierre Andrews

Seaver Brown
Garrett Anderson
Ryan Broadhead

Right Guard:
Heath Batchelor
Terrence Campbell
Kevin Young

Right Tackle:
Justin Sorensen
Kyle Nunn

Tight End:
Jared Cook
Weslye Saunders
Nick Prochak
Clark Gaston

2009 Gamecock Football Schedule Set

Here is the 2009 Gamecock Football Schedule that was released last week....

Sept. 3 – at N.C. State (Thur.)
Sept. 12 – at Georgia
Sept. 26 – OLE MISS
Oct. 10 – KENTUCKY
Oct. 17 – at Alabama
Oct. 31 – at Tennessee
Nov. 7 – at Arkansas
Nov. 14 – FLORIDA
Nov. 21 – Off
Nov. 28 - CLEMSON
* Home Games in Caps

Gamecocks are in the Top 10

Credit goes to FITS News for this find and we would like to make all of you aware of this....
According to the website the University of South Carolina is ranked No. 6 in the nation on its list of “hottest student bodies."
The SEC has a good showing in the Top Ten for this great honor- with six schools making the cut. They are: LSU (No. 10), UGA (No. 9), Auburn (No. 8), South Carolina (No. 6), Ole Miss (No. 5) and Florida (No. 4).
The top three spots went to Arizona State, followed by Southern California and Florida State.
The Gamecocks did beat out Clemson in this poll, as the Tigers were put at No. 15.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Diet product that works!

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So for any of you trying to shrink down those bitch tits, I recommend trying out this product.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Klempson Picked to win ACC

I give'm credit they have the talent but I just don't see this happening....I still feel Clemson will find a way to lose to a lesser opponent like The Charleston Post & Courier wrote about here and here. Again...going against the grain here and saying Clemson will not win the ACC in 08.

The Tigers were picked on 59 of the 65 ballots to win the ACC Atlantic Division and on 51 ballots to beat Virginia Tech in the championship game Dec. 6 in Tampa, Fla.

Full Story - HERE.

For writings on our thoughts about Clemson view prior posts - HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

7 Gamecocks Named to SEC preseason teams

From The State and this SEC article -
Seven South Carolina football players have been named to the Southeastern Conference preseason team.
1st Team ---Receiver Kenny McKinley and defensive back Captain Munnerlyn.
2nd Team --- Linebacker Jasper Brinkley, defensive lineman Eric Norwood, safety Emanuel Cook and kicker Ryan Succop, who was named both as a punter and a place kicker.
3rd Team --- Tight end Jared Cook.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gamecock Weekend News Thread

Final Game of Season for USC and Clemson

Spurrier, pictured above, was asked in our interview with him today about The Charleston Post and Courier article had this to say..."it is a load of crap." The C&P goes on the record to say that Clemson will beat THE Univ of South Carolina in the final game of the season. Here is a quote from the article - "Clemson maintains dominance, beats USC for the 10th time in 12 years." I have to disagree here....USC will win in 08 and no we did not interview Spurrier today but if we did we know he would disagree that USC will lose to Clemson this year.
Here is their prediction for both schools in game 12 -
So the season has ended now and Clemson will head to tampa for the ACC Championship and their record is 10-2. The Gamecocks sit at 8-4 and will be heading to a bowl game also.
All of this is speculation but what do you guys think of Clemson beating us this year? Will the Tigers win 10 games and go to the ACC Championship? Will Carolina finish 8-4?