Saturday, September 20, 2008

5 Keys to beating Wofford

The Gamecocks have now dropped six consecutive SEC games and seven of eight overall dating to last season. So playing Wofford is a welcomed event...we need this game. The Gamecocks have been tough in nonconference games of late, going 9-1 since the start of the 2006 season. The lone loss during that stretch was last year’s 23-21 setback against Clemson.

Keys to a Gamecock Win -

1. Take Wofford serious - They should not be overlooked like a Vandy or anyone else. The season is one game at a time and the team has to foucs on winning this game.

2. Stop the Wofford running game - Wofford has the top-ranked rushing offense in Division I-AA, gaining 400.5 yards per game. The Terriers are averaging 95.5 passing yards, but that’s still good enough to put their overall offense second overall, behind only Northern Arizona. It is simple....load the box, play your assignment, shed blocks, tackle, wrap up, and try to strip the ball.

3. USC's Offense has to step up - USC ranks 11th in the SEC and 92nd out of 119 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in scoring average at 19.3 points per game. USC is last in the SEC and 107th among 119 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in rushing offense (93.7 yards per game) and has thrown more interceptions (seven) and allowed more sacks (11) than all but a handful of teams. The Gamecocks (1-2) rank last in the SEC and 107th in FBS in rushing (93.7 yards). The Terriers rank 101st out of 118 FCS teams in pass defense (300.5 yards). ... Wofford has allowed 44 points in its first two games, beating Presbyterian 38-21 and Charleston Southern 41-23. Spurrier needs to run up the score this game and get reps for everyone....AIR IT OUT!

4. USC must control the ball - South Carolina’s pass defense is still ranked first in the country, ahead of Boston College and Kansas State. Overall, the Gamecocks are ranked ninth in yards allowed, and 21st in scoring defense. USC Defense must get Wofford's Offense off the field and do not let Wofford control the clock...I want to see lot's of 3 and outs today....

5. USC needs to win the TO game - USC must not beat themselves this game and USC must cause Wofford to make mistakes.

My Prediction - USC 41 Wofford 6

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ah Wofford

Finally, a breather and a chance to sit back and watch our up coming stars play. Yeah I know it was closer than anticipated last time we took the field, but that was good ole coach Nix ball. You know the guy who showed Tebow and D-Mac to the Heisman podium last year. EJ has seen this offense several times before and will be ready.
I am so tired about reading stuff on the option.
In fact I didn’t know we were playing Wofford this week. All I heard was option this, option that, I damn near googled option to see what their Mascot looked like. I think its well noted we respect the option and have given Wofford respect more so than in the past. This is exactly why I think we will blow them out of the water and crush the option. That and this week E. Cook will be playing D. Stewart's postion, bringing him closer to the line to make tackles. Its one of the best defenses in the nation going up against the best rush attack in D-2 or w/e football bowl subdivision for teams that whip Michigan’s ass at home.

Off the mark Anyone who thinks the Pac 10 is good, you are off you Rocker. Stat of the week: The Pac 10 is 0-5 this season against the Mountain West Conference!

Back on Track where was I? Oh yeah, basically it comes down to physics. We are bigger, stronger, and faster than the Wofford Lines. Our D-line should get penetration faster than Gray in the Playboy Mansion. On the O-line, we should never have to worry about our left side again. King is starting at Left Tackle and they moved Jamon over to left guard. With these two colossal creatures anchoring the left end we should able to run there all day.

On offense we will get to see the future RBs and WRs as Spurrier tells us the young guys will get a ton of action. Baker and Maddox will get a chance to make a case for the #1 RB spot (and next week as well). The coaching staff is really looking forward to one of these guys stepping up to be the homerun threat we have been seeking. At WR, we will see a lot of Jason Barnes and Joe Hills. I think if Barnes can get a couple of balls thrown his way we could be talking flash backs of Sidney Rice. Smelley will QB the majority of the game and should be our starter for the remainder of the year (Unless Garica gets everything down pat). He has a completion percentage in the 60’s, avgs just under 200yds a game (5th in the SEC) with 5tds to 3 ints. Garcia will more than likely get some clean up work and or a few run plays sprinkled in.

Final score USC 44 Wofford 6

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to throw down some bills

This story has nothing to do with sports or South Carolina football, but I thought it was a pretty good story.

Showgirl and men's magazine model Raffella Fico, 20, told an Italian magazine: "I can't wait to see who's going to pull out the money to have me."

Raffella is selling her Virginity to buy a house in Rome and take acting classes. When her family was asked how she could still be a virgin, they said "She's never had a boyfriend. I swear on my mother's grave. She's a devout Catholic and prays to Padre Pio every night," her brother told the magazine.

Raffella isn’t the first person to sell their virginity for money, a 18 year old San Diego college student told Howard Stern last year that she would sell it for 1 million dollars to pay off her college debts.

Something to think about if you have some extra cash laying around. It would probably be cheaper to just watch porn on the internet but what fun is that.

What a risk

As a reward for beating the cocks last weekend in Columbia, UGA gets to go out west to see this. South Carolina has to get some teams on the schedule in the near future with fans that look like this. I have to say that ASU might be able to give Ole Miss a run for the money for hottest coeds. Granted I have never been to either school but just from pictures, ASU has my vote this week. I will have to ask our favorite Memphis Talent scout what he thinks when he visits Ole Miss in a couple weeks.

Thoughts on Smelley

Ok I got through phase 2 of the Gamecock Loss and pulled myself to watch the coach’s show. Looking back on the game I couldn’t help but wonder about the QB situation. Pre UGA I was all about throwing Garica in there and letting him mature this season. Let him get his licks in now and be ready to roll for next year.
However, watching Smelley in that game, I feel like he took a step in the right direction in becoming a top SEC QB. He was up against the #2 Team in the country without the security blanket of his #1 WR. He was poised all game and didn’t bow out like he did against Tennessee last year. He stood tall in the pocket and made several good throws down field in the second half; I just wish we would have opened up our playbook in the first quarter. Instead we spent it way too conservative running M. Davis and throwing 2 yard screens. Once the offense let loose we pretty much moved up and down the field at will against UGA, 208 yds pass in the second half alone! Cook had a mismatch all day, Moe Brown played his best game, and we caught a couple of breaks in some interference calls.

Smelley led 3 drives (all in the 4th) into UGA territory only to come up blank. The first one was the heart breaking fumble in the end zone by Mike Davis. If you watch this play again it will make you sick to your stomach because if Mike busts it out wide to the left no UGA defender was in position to keep him from getting to the corner. All of them bit inside and left the corner completely wide open. Second was the drop by Moe on 3rd down; followed by the 4th down give up route by CC.
Smelley then led the gamecocks on one final rally deep into UGA Territory. A holding call killed momentum and field position. On 3rd and 17 with 19 seconds left he forced the ball to Cook a play too early, it sailed high and was picked off. I would have loved to see us use the last bit of clock and go to forth down, with time running down, heave one in the end zone and see what happens. I don’t know but there is something magical about that end zone on 4th down just ask Eric Kimmery.

Smelley looked like he matured and was patient in finding his reads. There were a couple of other miscues besides the forced pass to cook, one play too early. First off, he still can’t audible. This was costly as a blitz up the middle clearly was coming. Smelley couldn’t do anything about it and it resulted in a 3rd down sack to move us out of field goal range. Second, he couldn’t scramble which is the reason he got sacked in the above mentioned sentence (son if you can’t scramble or audible and you see the blitz coming, throw it the Hell away!). So we need to work on scrambling, the audible, and a little better decision making, otherwise he put his team in a situation to comeback and win. It’s just too bad no one else on offense could make a play. If there is any silver lining it was Smelley stepping up to the occasion along with Moe Brown.

Time for Eric Baker..

LOHD in July stated that USC running back Eric Baker is the real deal and the hidden gem of the offense. Well, now it is time to give him the ball.
The next two games are a perfect time for reps for Garcia and Baker. I would start Mike Davis but then yeild to the most reps being given to Maddox and Baker this week. Eric Baker has the speed to create and can line up in the slot to create a mis-match (when done against UGA he got a 16 yard pass). Davis is averaging around 4.7 yards per carry this season which is good but we need some break away speed in the backfield.

Heck, go to a 2 QB system with Garcia rotating in for design plays. I agree Smelley has earned another start but we need innovation on offense. Let's use Garcia and Baker to our advantage and let's get those guys some reps. Garcia can be used much like a "Hog scheme" or "06 Tebow" or maybe a option play with Garcia/Baker? Point is the offense needs to be creative and get some big plays to re-energize not only the team but the fan base.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mike Davis Out vs. UAB

I know this is next week news but USC RB Mike Davis will sit out the UAB game. This is what The State said -
Starting tailback Mike Davis will sit out the game against Alabama-Birmingham on Sept. 27. Davis had to be suspended for a game this season due to missed classes, but Spurrier had the option of choosing which one. The coach confirmed today that he had picked the UAB game.

USC also announced that its game against Alabama-Birmingham on Sept. 27 will start at 7 p.m.

Gamecocks and Pilates

Is it just me or does anyone else find this sure to check out the photos. Just maybe instead of working on the 'knee folds' more emphasis on holding onto the ball at the goal line....

UGA loss analysis by Year 2

How South Carolina’s Defense Slowed Down Georgia’s Offense by Year 2 blog

Monday, September 15, 2008

Panther Update as requested

In Charlotte, the Panthers home opener appeared all too familiar through three quarters. The panthers had a lack of a running game and two dumb plays to spot the bears 14 points off turnovers. In the very first series the panthers punt was blocked and recovered for a touchdown by Chicago. The panthers managed to cut the lead to 10-3 by the half when Jake and co’ finally started moving the ball through the air to set up a John Kasey field goal. In the second half a Jake Delhomme Int led to another bears score as the pass was bobbled by Jeff King who then tossed it over his shoulder to the Bears defender.

Trailing 17-3 with not much going on offensively the panthers inserted Jonathon Stewart in to the line up. The result was all she wrote for the Bear D. With Stewart in the line up the Bears could no longer stack the box. JS averaged 5.8 yards a carry for the game and broke several tackles making huge plays to put the bears on their heels. Riding him and Delhomme’s gun the panthers got a field goal to cut the lead to 17-6. A series later, thanks to a Chris Harris strip, Stewart found pay dirt with his first NFL TD, 17-13. The panthers D kept Chicago in check and we saw the anemic Orton run offense that bears fans have become accustomed to love. Delhomme hit Jeff King on a nice slant route to put the panthers on the 1 yard line with under 5 minutes left to play. Stewart then bulldozed his way into the end zone for his second NFL TD.

After holding Bears to 3 and out, the panthers got the ball back to run out the clock but couldn’t convert on third down. The Bears had one more shot with 2 minutes to go down 17-20. The bears picked up 9 yards on first down, then followed with two incompletions. On 4th and 1 from the 49 yardline, with the game on the line, the panthers D rose to the occasion. Ironically, they called in the “bear " goaline defense, which calls for 5 defensive line men to jam the middle. Orton handed the ball to the fullback who had about as much of a chance as tick does to get laid. The play was stuffed like tom tom at an all you can eat Tuna buffet! Panthers win 20-17 in comeback (not to be confused with cumface, gray) fashion without Steve Smith…

The gamecocks’ could learn a lot from their father figure in the upper Carolina’s.

The Real Big Ben

It seems like yesterday we were all in amazement watching how much Big Ben could lift in Coach T's class. Now I'm surfing the net and low and behold who do i see... Why its Benjamin Watson representing the Hill, NW all over the place!
Here's to you Ben and Northwestern for the ars pounding they put on Rock Hill 20-0 last Friday night.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gamecocks lose a tough one to UGA

Univ of South Carolina fought hard and gave a great showing against the #2 ranked Univ of Georgia but at the end the final score was 14-7.
Carolina had their chances, shrugged off some bad calls, found ways to screw themselves but at the end of the day they had a chance. On that chance each time they tried too hard and fumbled once then threw a INT the second.
Time to re-group and focus on the remaining 9 games...look for more on the game later from the LOHD crew.....any thoughts on the game?