Friday, October 09, 2009

Kentucky's state bird is Fried Chicken, Safe travels UK

Well it is 1 day away from the USC vs. UK game and I wanted to give the fans traveling from Kentucky some information about SC, Columbia, traditions at Williams Brice, and what to watch out for. If you are going to make the 430 mile drive from Lexington, Ky to Columbia, Sc here are a few things you might want to know about SC.

1.) Plan on stopping in Knoxville to punch Lane Kiffen in the gut, as UT has defeated UK 24 times in a row. So you kids born after 1984 have never seen a Kentucky win against Tennessee on a football field. I thought 9 loses in a row to USC was bad.

2.) Plan on stopping in Spartanburg to eat dinner at the Beacon Drive inn, this will be an experience you will never forget. I recommend the Beacon Burger A-Plenty, but don’t expect to make it all the way to Columbia after eating there. Plan on stopping at the rest area near Newberry to make a deposit.

3.) Bar areas in Columbia, under 30 usually hit up five points, and over 30 usually drink in the Vista.  Both are fun, and very affordable.Remember if you get a little tipsy and run into your first cousin or sister, she is still off limits. As it is against the law in SC.

4.) I wouldn’t bring up basketball in your conversations with gamecock fans as we did beat you twice last year. If you must talk about UK basketball, a good topic would be All American Point Guard Devon Downey, and how he took the wildcats to the wood shed last year.

5.) Mike Hartline will remember this name the rest of his life after Saturday because I know André Woodson hasn't forgotten , Eric Norwood. As he spends more time in the backfield then a Running Back.

Here are a couple notes from our good friend Big Angry on tailgating and getting around the Stadium.

6.) As far as traffic and tailgating go. This isn’t your run of the mill tailgate for an hour and go to a game. USC fans love to tailgate and will be down there by 8am. So buckle up, dress like you are going to the Derby, and enjoy yourselves. When it is time to leave you might as well drink for a couple hours until traffic dies down cause you wont get far in your horse and buggy. Plus you might spook your horse when you start looking at him with the lust in your eyes after too much JACK.

7.) Tickets should be easy to come by since it is such an early game. But beware of that drunken frat kid selling you his ticket 15 rows up. It is a good seat however you have to have a USC student ID to use it. Buy one from your normally usually highly reputable ticket scalper. And if you pay over face you need to lay off the Mint Julips.

We will see you tomorrow at 12:30 !

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