Monday, October 16, 2006

Trivia week Day #1

Well Poll week is over and now it is time to see how much you know, Trivia week and we will try and play now your opponent Friday, so study up on your Vandy knowledge. (Please don’t use internet or google to answer questions, try to use your football knowledge. These questions should be pretty easy.)

1.) In 2005, 10 of the 12 members of the Big 12 wore helmets which included the school initial(s) as all or part of the logo. Which were the two colleges that had helmets which did not include the school initials?

2.) In one of the closest races in Heisman history, what Quarterback lost by only 76 points in the 2000 Heisman voting?

3.)There were only four independent colleges playing Division 1-A football in 2005. Three of those schools wore plain gold helmets with no logo. Which was the only one that did not?

4.) Who was the starting Quarterback before Phil Petty came to South Carolina?

5.) Who did South Carolina lose to in ruining their chances for a national championship in 1984?

6.) Who was South Carolina's first loss to in the 2000 season?

Good luck to all!!!!!


penny said...

not too sure, but heres my 'ive only had 1 cup of coffee' guesses
-kansas st/iowa state
-joey harrington

Moose said...

very good penny, I am not going to say they are right or wrong till the end of the day.

How is the carpel tunnel working out for you....

penny said...

i can barely click the mouse

Moose said...

well rest up, because X-men is calling my name

penny said...

do they still make game genie? would it kill us to cheat? hell, miami's been doing it for years and they are 'one of the best programs in the history of college athletics'. just ask lamar 'im following FIU to the parking lot to keep kicking more ass' thomas. by the way lamar, thank you for ruining the last two seasons of dan marino's career.

Moose said...

I think they still make Game Genie's, Nintedo was the greatest.

Don't worry penny I am writing a recruiting letter for Miami right now.

gray said...

I am taking mostly guesses here but lets see how it goes.

1. Iowa St., Kansas
2. Alex Smith
3. Navy
4. Anthony Wright
5. Navy
6. Alabama

Anonymous said...


Moose said...

That is right Clemson, you finally get Gameday, and you can now prove you are the best team in the worst conference on national TV.

penny said...

lock up your blondes clemson, herbstreet is coming to town

Crummy said...

1. Missou and KState
2. That was the Drew Brees year, but he wasn't second. I can't remember his name because he wasn't much of one, but I believe it was the Oklahoma QB that finished second to the FSU baseball player that year.
3. Temple
4. There was a QB before Phil?
5. Navy
6. Alabama

Moose said...

crummy you are a strong one

ritch said...

1. Not sure but going with Mizz and K state.

2. Josh Heupel, QB for Okla and the follow up question is "where is he now?"

3. A1 but something tells me that is too obvious

4. Navy....ruined it for us...that and 'roids

5. And going with Bama on that one too.

ritch said...

oh forgot there were 6 the answer to number 3 ...Navy....I have no clue....

and does anyone remeber the following year 2001 when Rex lost the heisman by like 60 votes??

Moose said...

I want to say Josh Heupel is currently OU's QB coach.

Crummy said...

Just realized that Texas is the other one without a letter on their helmet. However, the longhorn does look suspiciously like a "T".

Mack Brown said...

You are strong and wise

Porter said...

1) k state, Iowa State
2) dont know
3) boxton college
4) pickens
5) navy
6) marhsll

Anonymous said...

cocktail says
1. texas and kansas state
2. josh hupysomething from OU
3. Temple...but they were in the MAC by opening day in '05
4. Anthony Wright
5. naval academy friend bama came to town and i peed on him

Anonymous said...

so what are the answers??? And where is advice man???????

Moose said...

Here are the answers for trivia day #1

1.) big 12 helmets are Texas and Kansas State

2.)Josh Heupel(who lead OU to a national championship that year and is now the QB coach at OU

3.)Temple, which will not join the MAC until 2007 was the independant. THe other 3 independant schools are ND, navy and army.

4.) A1 aka anthony Wright

5) Navy

6.) Alabama

Moose said...

I am working on having a Advice man week. As of right now Advice man is out of the country on a secret mission from the beer gods.