Friday, October 20, 2006

Bonus Trivia - from the General

1. What is the most played rivalry in the US?

2. The SEC started in 1933. Since then who has the most conference championships?

3. What year was the first SEC championship game held? Who played, and who won?

4. Who is the only player to win the Heisman, the Maxwell, the O’Brien, and become the first overall pick in the draft?

5. Only 5 of the current 12 SEC schools have had a player win the Heisman trophy? Name the schools, and if you can the players.

6. What was the total attendence number for the SEC last year (w/in 100,000 either way)?

7. Where did these NFL players go to college?

a. Rex Grossman (CHI)
b. Alex Smith (SFO)
c. Kordell Stewart (ret)
d. Artose Pinner (DET)

e. Thoams Jones (CHI)
f. Ken Stabler (ret)
g. Philip Rivers (SD)
h. Jay Fiedler (NYJ)
i. Jeff Wilkins (STL)


penny said...

1.harvard/princeton? army/navy?
3.not sure what year, sticking with bama
5.auburn-bo jackson
florida-danny wuerful/darth visor
georgia-herschel walkker
cocks-some coked out running back guy
not sure on the fifth
6.5.4 million
e.? state
good questions general

Moose said...

PInner went to Kentucky, you would know that Penny except you passed out at the game.

A-dubs said...

1. Havard.Yale
2. LSU?
3. 1952, Alabama v. Florida, bama...I really have no clue
4. Peyton??
5. Alabama, GA, FL, Auburn, LSU?
6. 8.4 million
7. a. sexy rexy was FL
b. ?
c. ?
d. ?
e. ?
f. ?
g. NC State
h. ?
i. ?

OK I know most of these are incorrect!

Anonymous said...

good post...

Crummy said...

The first SEC championship was played way back in 1992 and came with the addition of Arkansas and USC to the conference.

General Malaise said...


1. Lehigh v. Lafayette

2. Alabama

3. 1992 Alabama d. Florida

4. Vinny Testaverde

5. Georgia - Hershel Walker
Frank Sinkowich
Auburn - Bo Jackson
Pat Sullivan
Florida - Steve Spurrier
Danny Wuerffel
LSU - Billy Cannon
South Carolina - George Rogers

6. 5.7 million

a. F lorida
b. U tah
c. C olorado
d. K entucky

e. V irginia
f. A labama
g. N C State
h. D artmouth
i. Y oungstown State