Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Trivia

What is the oldest Bowl game in college football?

2000 college football season, who was the winner of the Walker Award for best running back?

Also in 2000 who was the National Defensive player of the year (Nagurski Award)? (hint – he is J-rod’s favorite player)

Who was the last Ohio State football player to win the Heisman and in what year?

In what year did Barry Sanders win the Heisman?

Did Spurrier win his heisman before or after OJ Simpson won his?

Prior to Reggie Bush, who was the last Running back to win the Heisman?


General Malaise said...

1. Rose Bowl
2. LaDanian Tomlinson (should have been Thomas Jones out of Virginia, but in the final game against mighty SMU Tomlinson stayed in the game until the end so he could amass around 400 yards rushing and win the rushing crown by a few yards)
3. ????
4. Eddie George 1994
5. 1989
6. before ('66 & '68)
7. Eddie George?

JR said...

1.rose bowl
2.LT- from TCU
3.thunder concussion dan morgan-the U
4.eddie george 1995
6.before in 1966--oj in 68
7.ron dayne 1999

suck me JR

ritch said...

1.rose bowl
3.Dan Morgan...JR said it
4.Eddie George in 95
5.Barry sanders won in 88
6.And before
7.and Ron Dayne

Anonymous said...

cocktail says this one is too hard...someone went to the internet for these questions you jackass
1. pasadena bowl now known as rose bowl
2. LT from Tcu
3. mr. concusion
...4. eddie g. ..i was in high school 93-97 can't remember
5. 1988
6. spurrier is older
7. mr. madison, wisconsin ronnie d.