Friday, October 20, 2006


If you don't know, this is how it is going to go down

The South Carolina-Vanderbilt football game will be available via pay-per-view at 3 p.m. Saturday on Time Warner Cable. The cost is $24.95.
Those who have a digital converter can order the game using their remote control by tuning to channel 549. Once the order has been completed, a confirmation will appear on-screen that states "You are authorized for USC Vs. Vandy".

I am going to come over to your house, eat your food, drink you beer, flirt with your women and watch the game for free.

See you at 3.....


ritch said...

so true....and that is how it works.

penny said...

did yall see ray ray is going to be on oprah today? gawd i hate clemson

Moose said...

I hate clemson and Oprah?

RayRay how do you fill about raising your basterd brother JOe Joe, and what the hell is up with the damn double names.

I see that Clemson has raised over 100,000 dollars for you, how are you spending the money, 20 inch dubs. oh yeah

Is willie korn a black guy?

so many questions

penny said...

lj, whats the site with the music videos

Moose said...

The site I had been using is down right now.

Try Yahoo music, they have all the video's as well