Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mid-day poll question

What is the better football game

UVA vs. UNC tonight on espn


Byrnes High vs. Gaffney tonight on Foxsports


A-dubs said...

I will let you know tomorrow:) Who am I kidding, I am watching Grey's Anatomy!!

ritch said...

gotta go with UVA and gotta go with Byrnes.

Moose said...

WEll UVA sucks, UNC sucks Clemson sucks

the ACC sucks, Willie Korn Sucks

go Indians, Feathers not dots

Gaffney pulled it out last night, stayed in willie's face the whole game...

Anonymous said...

damn that willie corn kid is goood!!! see home many times he threw it to the other team thats amazin

Anonymous said...

Indians took it to them...Rishi would be proud!!!!