Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trivia Day #2

1.)How many SEC championships did Spurrier win at Florida?

2.) Who was the coach of Georgia Tech for the 1990 national championship team?

3.)Which stadium had the largest capacity of any NCAA facility in the 2005 season?

4.) Which college shared The Coliseum with the Tennessee Titans of the NFL?

5.) Which Mountain West college played at LaVell Edwards Stadium?

6.)What name was shared by the stadiums used by the Universities of Illinois, Indiana, California, and Kansas?

7.) Which Pac 10 college played at Martin Stadium?


gray said...

2.) Bobby Ross (now with Navy I believe)
3.) The Big House
4.) Middle Tennesee St.
5.) UNLV
6.) Death Valley (i have no clue but why not seems every other stadium is called that)
7.) California

penny said...

-ditto gray
-middle tenn st, who should have beat lousville
-i think memorial? or war memorial? something like that

Moose said...

some pretty good answers today

General Malaise said...

1. 6
2. Bobby Ross
3. Michigan
5. BYU
6. Memorial Stadium
7. Wash St?

ritch said...

1. 6, he actually won four straight.
2. Bobby Ross
3. Michigan?
5. BYU
6. No clue but going with Memorial also.
7. Washington State.

old said...

1. 6
2. Bobby Ross
3. Michigan
5. Utah
6. The Stadium
7. Oregon St.

Anonymous said...

cocktail says...
1. 6
2. Roberto Rosso or Junker(Bobby)
3. Hail to the victors
4. Middle Tennessee State
5. Provo Many Wives
6. same as Clempson...memorial also
7. WSU cougar land

Moose said...

1.) 6
2.) bobby Ross
4.) Tennessee State Tigers
5.) BYU
6.) Memorial
7.) Washington State

I might have to find some harder questions, and don't forget know your opponent is on friday. I better start researching some vandy trivia questions.