Saturday, October 21, 2006

SC Trivia questions for today......

1. Name South Carolina's Highest Draft pick and at what draft order / selection number?

2. How many 1st round selections has SC produced?

3. Name the player for SC that has the most single game receptions (hint: set against Vandy and not a guy named rice)?

4. Mark Fleetwood in 1982 kicked a field goal for ____ yards against UGA and this yardage is the longest field goal in SC football history......can you fill in the blank?

5. What year did SC begin playing football as a college sport? (Hint we lost to Furman in Charleston by the score of 44-0.)


General Malaise said...

1. round 1, selection 1 1981 George Rogers

2. 10?

3. Brian Scott

4. 57

5. 1892

ritch said...


Good Job General...

1. Mr. Rogers was selected number 1 by the Saints.
2. There has been 9 USC 1st round picks.
3. Zola Davis set this record.
4. Longest Kick was 58 yards in SC History.
5. And yes 1892 was the year SC began playing a game called football.

old said...

GAMeDAY is coming to Columbia!!!

Moose said...


Also we will be having our first annual chili cook off at tailgating.

Can anybody top Dev's world famous chili.