Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th edition of the poll week questions.

Favorite horror movie?

What scared you the most as a child/Adult?

Best Halloween costume from back in the day.

Jason or Freddy ?


Moose said...

Either Texas Chainsaw Massacre or House of wax (Paris Hilton), and you can't forget "IT"

I admit I am scared of Heights and Mary (Kat’s alter-ego)

My favorite was the Dead football player when I was like 7, and all-time favorite was when Cashwell went as a Black guy. Good times in five points.

Freddy is in your dreams

ritch said...

got to go with...Texas Chain Saw also.

as a adult...scared of angry boz

all time best outfit is the "black eyed pea"

and yes Freddy over Jason.

Anonymous said...

1. i guess this counts cause it was kinda scary like that wierd kid on american beauty- Joey C's taping of Dr Rocco's breats for 1 hour 15 min strait at 206 juarez
2.running out of beer at tailgating
3.white ghoast!
4. freddy


Anonymous said...

1. nightmare on elm street
2.myself after 6 drinks
3. ugino we all remember it
4. cocktail is still scared of freddy

A-Dubs said...

1. The original Halloween was definitely the best movie, possibly of all time. All our childhood fears were exploited!
2. Failure
3. My dad was Jed Clampitt. That always made me laugh! But once I went as a bag a jelly beans and that was a lot of fun!
4. I think the scariest was Michael Myers.

penny said...

-the exorcist
-clowns. still do
-knew a girl who went as monica lewinski right after the whole 'mess on the dress' incident. she looked exactly like her and emptied a whole can of white spray paint to copy the DNA...pretty funny
-jason all the way. they DID make a movie folks, and jason DID lop off freddy's head, and i DO believe everything i see in the movies