Saturday, December 12, 2009 Bowl Gift for Gamecocks

HERE is a full rundown of what each bowl is giving out to their respected participants this year. 

As you saw in the above referenced article the gifts vary from bowl to bowl.  From Oakley sunglasses and a Brut hairdryer to Ipods and a Fossil Watch....just to name a few of the things football players and team staff will get as a participant in their bowl.

Well what do the gamecocks get for being in the Bowl on Jan. 2nd?

--- A RCA mini HD camcorder & a Oakley Surf pack backpack (stuffed with goodies, one is a $250 gift card)

Not sure of the model of the camcorder so hard to show ya a pic or what the value is for it.  But a pretty good gift.  Also not sure if the backpack is the 5.0 version valued at $90 or not.  But seems to be pretty cool gift too.  What about papajohns pizza?

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