Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Former Gamecock Jasper Brinkley gets starting nod for Vikings

Vikings turn to Brinkley to replace Henderson

As you read in the above article, former Gamecock and Vikings rookie Jasper Brinkley has gotten the starting nod due to the injury of EJ Henderson.  Henderson went down with a horrific broken leg against Arizona this past Sunday, Brinkley instantly became the quarterback of the Vikings' base defense for the remainder of the season.

The Vikings traded up in the fifth round of April's draft to get Brinkley, who was second team All-SEC in his final season at South Carolina after missing most of 2007 with a knee injury.  At S. Carolina, he started 29 of his 30 games as a Gamecock, racking up 193 tackles (20 for lost yardage), 7.5 sacks, and three interceptions.

Some say a veteran linebacker is needed to run the defense of the 10-2 Vikings football team and due to the injury to EJ some think the Vikings chances of NFL glory are over.  But the Vikings team believe that they have themselves the perfect replacement and future defensive quarterback in Jasper.  It is time for him to show exactly what Gamecocks fans already know and that he is a special player with huge talent and will get the job done.  LOHD wishes Jasper success and EJ a speedy recovery.


gamecock man said...

Anyone who thinks the Vikings' chances at glory are over is just silly. That offense is capable of putting huge numbers on the board on any given Sunday, enough to beat anybody in the league. And as you say, the Vikings might find they like Jasper more than they think.

I'm looking forward to seeing my Saints take on these guys in the NFC championship game. I think that's going to be the matchup.

JR said...

good luck Jap except for when my panthers whip that ars!