Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot : Week 14

It's the final Mumme Poll before the bowl games...let LOHD know how yours stacks up against our picks...

The Top Five
1. Alabama

Undefeated SEC Champions. Is there more that needs to be said?

2. Texas

Wow, that was close.

3. TCU

Really disappointed they are going to play Boise. I still don’t think we will get a chance to see if they really are the number 3 team in the country.

4. Oregon

Won the civil war. Get to play Ohio State in SoCal.

5. Florida

Still one of the best teams in the nation.

The Next Seven

-Boise State

See TCU above.


Thank the Pitt holder. Enjoy preparing for Tebow and the Florida defense.

-Georgia Tech

Didn’t punt all day against Clemson. That’s solid offense. Clemson didn’t punt either; bad defense.


Despite late season losses still gets to go to the Orange Bowl.

-Ohio State

Now it’s time for the worst part of being a Buckeye – losing the bowl game.


No game played. No change.


Donkey Kong Suh is really good. Just a hair away from upsetting Texas.

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Moose said...

My Mumme Poll vote

2.) Texas
3.) TCU
4.) Cincinnati
5.) Florida