Monday, December 07, 2009

LOHD Blogger Heisman Ballot

For the first year, LOHD was contacted by Shotgun Spratling of The Blue Workhorse to vote for the Blogger Heisman.

Below is the LOHD ballot and some rationale. Stay tuned later this week for when TBW releases its results.

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1. Toby Gerhart (Stanford)
He is my favorite due to the fact that he is a blue-collar back. He grinds it out and has gotten over 1700 yards rushing for a team that is not amongst the elite. His statistics compare favorably with several past Heisman-winning running backs and, of course, his total touchdown figure would be among the tops in Heisman history.

2. Mark Ingram (Alabama)
Playing for the No. 1 team is a boon to his candidacy, as is the fact that Alabama has never won a Heisman. Over 1500 yards rushing with the SEC schedule is something to hang your hat on and it is safe to say 'Bama could not do it without him.

3. Colt McCoy (Texas)
While his numbers aren’t as impressive as they were last year, they are within the bounds of past Heisman-winning seasons (though his 27 touchdown passes would be the fewest by a Heisman-winning quarterback since Vinnie Testaverde’s 26 in 1986). The big thing is his leadership in aiding UT to a title run and winning.

Honorable Mention

Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska) – His performance vs. Texas was amazing and he is a beast. For a Defensive lineman there is no better and for a person on defense that can change a game, look no further.


PaulG said...

How many other games did you see of Suh's?

As good as the UT game was, it wasn't even his best.

Suh #1.

LOHD said...

Here are the final regular season stats for the primary Heisman contenders that we voted on---

Colt McCoy
330 of 468 attempts
70.5% completion percentage
3,512 passing yards
270 passing yards per game
27 touchdown passes
12 interceptions
147.46 efficiency rating
348 rushing yards
3 rushing touchdowns

Mark Ingram
249 carries
1,542 rushing yards
6.2 yards per carry
119 rushing yards per game
15 rushing touchdowns
30 receptions
322 yards
3 receiving touchdowns

Toby Gerhart
311 carries
1,736 yards
5.6 yards per carry
145 rushing yards per game
26 rushing touchdowns
1 touchdown pass
10 receptions
149 receiving yards

Ndamukong Suh
50 solo tackles
32 assisted tackles
82 total tackles
23 tackles for losses of 92 yards
12 sacks for 77 yards
1 interception
10 pass deflections
24 quarterback hurries
1 forced fumble
3 blocked kicks

Moose said...
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Moose said...

Paul G I watched Ndamukong Suh play a couple times this year and I have no problem with him winning the Heisman. He was a dominate force all season long. Most games he was double teamed, and still consistency disrupted plays.

We have been talking about DonkeyKong SuH all year long, and he has a chance to be the top pick in the NFL draft as well.

Shel said...

I think that your honorable mention should be the top pick for the Heisman! It says best player of the year, not best offensive player and SUH definitely is the best player! Why is everyone trying to compare SUH'S stats with offensive players? SUH should be moved up to the first pick!!! Honorable mention is a bit of a low blow!!

average Joe said...

I think Suh deserves the reconition but I would have to give the Heisman to either Ingram or Gerhart. Gerhart had a great year on a not so great team. Stanford had a freshman QB, so a lot was put on Gerhart's shoulders and he performed at the highest level. Suh was great this year but he didn't do anything that Mount cody couldn't do in the Big 12.

Anonymous said...

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