Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Gamecocks in Lattimore's Top 5

According to this article, RB Marcus Lattimore has ruled out UNC, leaving the star running back with a final five of USC, Auburn, Penn State, Oregon and Georgia.

I like the fact that the Gamecocks are still in the hunt for Marcus, as his services could help the USC offense from the word go....think Knowshon Moreno.  He brings a lot to the table and could really help the running game that already has some very talented backs (Miles, Giles, Maddox, Baker) then add him - well USC could be quite the running threat.  That equates to opening up the passing game which you know makes Spurrier happy.  As you have seen, to be truly successfull in the SEC you got to have a great rushing attack and this could give SC the edge it needs due to the talent assembled on the team already and its youth.

Now you understand why Spurrier is sticking around a few more years?  The best is just ahead.

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