Monday, December 07, 2009

10 Questions: End of Regular Season

1.) If you had a Heisman vote, who would receive it?
2.) Who do you think will win the Heisman after this weekends crazyness?
3.) If Tim Tebow's tears cure cancer what do CJ Spillers tears do?
4.) Do you think Texas deserves to play Alabama in the National Championship, if not who does?
5.) What bowl game are you most excited to watch?
6.) SI does a NCAA playoff bracket every week, review the bracket and let me know who actually would play in the National Championship Game.
7.) Since nobody really cares about the BCS games other then the National Championship game, would you watch Florida/ Cincinnati if the winning coach had to take the Notre Dame job?
8.) Which conference will have the best record in bowl games this year?
9.) Are you excited about the bowl, and if so are you heading to Birmingham?
10.) Now that the regular season is over, how will you remember this season?

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John Moxen said...

1.) Colt McCoy
2.) Colt McCoy, he deserves it, he played 4 years at Texas, he has to win.

3.) CJ Spillers tears cure Pink Eye

4.) Hell yeah Texas deserves to play in the National Championship, they deserve to play in the National Championship every year, win or lose to Oklahoma.

5.) Texas/ Bama, going to be a good one.

6.) Texas vs. Ohio State, I know we can beat them.

7.) I would watch the Sugar Bowl if they were playing for that. both coaches would be trying to lose. How funny would that.

8.) Big 12 all the way

9.) No, could care less

10.) As Colt McCoy's year of greatness

JR said...

1. Tobey Gerhardt That white boy can play!
2. Mark Ingrham he propelled the TIDE to the NC over defending champion Florida
3. Give you cancer
4. no Florida deserves a rematch for tebow
5. Oklahoma vs Stanford
6. huh i'd say Florida and Bama
7. i'll watch it anyway to see tebow kick some big east ars, and yeah Meyer is as good as gone to ND now...
8. SEC
9. no and no./... its like playing Utah in the BCS don't really care and its lose lose either way yawn....
10. the year we beat the fuck out of Clemson and pissed on Uconn... the year before we won the SEC east and NC....

Gator Mike said...

1.) I would still vote for Tim Tebow, the greatest college football player ever.

2.) Colt McCoy, he has been Tebow's little brother for the past 4 years, the Media wants him to win.

3.) I don't think this is funny at all, Tebow played his heart out and he let his emotions go for once and people make fun of him. You shouldn't even talk about CJ Spiller in the same sentence as Tebow.

4.) I would have loved to have seen a rematch, It would give all the seniors on the Gator's team something to play for. Revenge

5.) Oh course Sugar Bowl

6.) I know Alabama won the game on Saturday but I think in a playoff system, The Gators would win, and probably play Oregon in the National Championship per the SI brackets

7.) JR Urban isn't going anywhere, he is locked up at Florida

8.) SEC of course

9.) South Carolina better watch out for Uconn

10.) The year that Bama stole Florida's National Championship

General Malaise said...

1. Toby Gerhart.

2. Colt McCoy despite his amazing clock management abilities.

3. Leave a rash.

4. Yes.

5. Sugar Bowl - see if Tebow and company decided to prepare fo the game, and if so, how many can they score. If Pitt can score 44, they should hit 50 by halftime.

6. I think it would be Texas- Alabama again, but only because all of the SEC teams are on the same side. I'd really like to see that Oregon-GT offensive spectacular, too.

7. I'll watch it either way, though in fairness, the losing coach should have to take the Notre Dame job.

8. PAC-10.

9. Yes, its going to be quite convenient for me.

10. Alshon, Eric, and Stephon. The crowd against Ole Miss. Pasting Clemson. Letting Georgia slip away. I will probably remember it fondly.

Anonymous said...

1) Ingram
3) hahah... Tim Tebow's tear could bring life back to Dumbledore..
4) Yes, I think Texas and Alabama will be a good matchup for this game.
5) I am excited to watch the Vols Play the Hokies. You know that Bruton Smith offered TN a million dollars to play them at Bristol and Tn turned it down? why? don't know... but it will be a good game.
6) again, it is where it is for a reason.

7) hahaha... that game would be hillarious if that were the case. Florida is going to beat the hell out of Cinci.. I kind of feel bad for them.
8) SEC Conference has the most bolw games so lets hope they can pull off the highest % of wins.
9) I am not going to Birmingham. I will be going to Atlanta.
10) this season will be a historical moment in my football life. #1 and #2 both in the same conference.. great football this year, just great!