Monday, November 16, 2009

Ten questions for last weeks college football?

1.) After the lose to Pitt on Saturday night, is Charlie pretty much done at ND?

2.) After Toby Gerhart back to back impressive performances against the Pac-10's two best team, does he deserve a seat in NY on Heisman night?

3.)Is there any chance that TCU makes the National Championship?

4.) After watching the Gator's live this past weekend in Columbia, what are you thoughts on Bama beating the Gator's in the SEC championship?

5.) Better mustache: Mark Mangino Kansas, Dave Wannstedt, Pitt, or Magnum P.I.

6.) Bigger disappoint from this past weekend, Brandon Spikes not pointing someone's eye out or Tennessee on kicking 2 players from the Robbery arrests off the team?

7.) Who do you feel has the biggest bandwagon fan base?

8.) Did anybody see the story of the 61 year old place kicker actually made an extra point this past week in a Division 3 game. At 60 what are you hoping to still be able to do?

9.) Is there any chance that Florida and Alabama play against each other in the national championship?

10.) This weekend Ohio State will play Michigan which some people call , do you care?


General Malaise said...

1. You would think so, but a sizable portion of the Notre Dame fanbase still believes Charlie when he tells them he's smarter than all the other coaches.

2. At this point, anyone who is hot at the end of the season has a shot. Sure.

3. Yes, but it would take an epic meltdown by 3 teams.

4. Bama in a thorough pounding.

5. Wannstache.

6. Tennessee only punishing 2.

7. After this weekend, Florida.

8. Stand at attention.

9. Slim. If they are both undefeated and Texas tumbles in the Big 12 Championship. Expect livid Michigan fans.

10. Yes but only for schadenfraude.

jr said...

1. it was over with the loss to Navy.
2. who? if his numbers fit the bill why not?
3. Um no.....
4. well bama has no passing game so a couple of lucky breaks like Florida had on us and they are in.. tebow steps up for big games if you haven't noticed yet...
5. Ditka!
6. i say Jackson not getting kicked off as well wtf? i guess if your a starter you get a free pass..
7. Michigan or ND or at least they had it.. its hard to find those diehards now isn't it ha ha?
8.good for him!
9. i hope so but doubt it
10. um really? i hope this isn't even televised?