Friday, November 20, 2009


Sad news coming out of Savannah, GA that UGA VII  died of heart failure yesterday.
It’s especially sad because Uga VII was only four years old, just into his prime dog years. He surely had five or six years ahead of him, and many games hanging out in the doghouse on the UGa sidelines. Remember Uga VI, the winningest Uga yet, went on to doggy heaven just recently and now UGA 7...on top of a bad UGa football season....geez!

There will be no mascot on the UGA sidelines this weekend for the Kentucky game. Which is also sad as you know you can never tell what a live mascot is going to do on the sidelines of a game. I think UGA has given us some pretty memorable moments like the time he tried to bite the Auburn player Robert Baker in 1996.

Enjoy that doggy treat up there in doggy heaven from LOHD.  And to all our UGa friends hang in there....

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