Tuesday, November 17, 2009

LOHD Ballot for the SEC Power Poll for Week 11

No. 1. Alabama - Saban is earning every penny kids....

No. 2. Florida - Unbeaten yes but not sold on them being the best in the SEC.  Tebow looks cautious.

No. 3. LSU - big deal you beat La Tech.

No. 4. Ole Miss - figured out how to run the offense through Dexter a bit too late.

No. 5. Auburn - made Gene Chizik a house-hold name.

No. 6. Arkansas - got tons to build from for next year.

No. 7. Tennessee - Arrests mounting which equals losing.

No. 8. Georgia - Martinez still needs to go at end of season to please the fanbase.

No. 9. South Carolina - wishing only the 1st seven games counted

No. 10. Mississippi State - If only Dan had Tebow.

No. 11. Kentucky - football?  It is basketball season in bluegrass country.

No. 12. Vanderbilt - chances of a upset are just about gone to get the 1 SEC win.

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