Friday, November 20, 2009

Gamecocks Bowl-ing Options

South Carolina's bowl projections are all over the place. Possibilities include the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La., against a Big 12 opponent; the Bowl in Birmingham against a Big East team; and the Music City Bowl in Nashville against an ACC team.

LOHD feels strongly that it is really down to the Music City Bowl or the PapaJohn's Bowl and both take place on 1/2/10....
  • Win vs Clemson and USC goes to Music City Bowl
  • Lose vs. Clemson and USC goes to Papa J
Match-ups that could play out:
  • Music City Bowl - USC v UNC
  • Papa Johns Bowl - USC v South Florida
Thoughts?  Which do you prefer?


jr said...

at 9-3 i think UNC won't be close to the music city bowl...
i prefer peach.... vs UNC or VT

Moose said...

The word on the street is, if Notre Dame loses out, we will probably play them in the bowl, as they have a Big East bowl tie. If Notre Dame wins either this weekend against Connecticut or next weekend against Standford, they will be heading to the Gator Bowl.

JR, The Chick-Fila bowl(peach) takes the #2 team in the ACC. I think UNC will end up in the Gator bowl. The music city bowl usually takes the 5th place ACC team.

Carolina has a better chance of being matched up with VT or BC.

gamecock man said...

I'd prefer the Music City Bowl, reason being that everyone should be aware that Legion Field in Bham is a dump in the middle of the projects. The only reason I'd want to go there is if we'd get to play Notre Dame. It would be cool to beat down on the Irish, even if everyone and their brother has had a chance to do so by now.