Monday, November 16, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot

1. Florida

Does this offense look like the offense of the #1 team to you?

2. Alabama

Sound thumping of fading Mississippi State.

3. Texas

Rolling on to BCS game against SEC Champion.

4. Georgia Tech

Rolling on to ACC Champ Game against Clemson.

5. LSU

I know it was a trap game, but how what it that close with Louisiana Tech?



The only one of the mid-majors who 'may' be for real.

Ohio State

Beat Fading Iowa team sans Stanzi in overtime. You get a Rose Bowl invite for that?


3 point win over West Virginia? Oh, that's impressive.


27-22 at home over Notre Dame. This is why no one respects the Big East

Boise State

Another win over another nobody


Back to back wins over Oregon and Southern Cal jump Cardinal into the poll


In the poll, out of the poll, rinse and repeat.


NoGoodExNFLCoachesClubPres said...

What a surprise that the top five are all teams located in or near the southeast. Somehow Alabama gets big marks for beating a "fading" Mississippi State, while no one else gets hardly any credit for winning. I'd rather be a mid-major who may be for real than an SEC may wannabe but can't get close.

I can't wait until Florida takes on its huge in-state, late season rival in Florida International. C'mon, the rest of the country is playing real games by this point in the season. The preseason is over. I heard that next year Florida scheduled Gainesville High on the Friday night after Thanksgiving.

A-dubs said...

Is this person for real? Haha! Florida has played LSU, Georgia, Tenn, SC, Arkansas, etc. Who the heck has Cincinnati, TCU and Boise State played? This person has clearly lost his mind!! Do not forget Florida State used to be good and if you ask any Clemson fan they still are...I agree they suck this year, but strength of schedule is the last thing to count against Florida and this person is an idiot to think so!

NoGoodExNFLCoachesClubPres said...

Your basic premise is all wrong. You assume that because they are in the SEC that Georgia, SC, Tennessee, and Arkansas are the toughest opponents around. But I'm not saying that those other teams have such tough opponents either. But, lest us forget that some more than questionable officiating smoothed over Florida's (or Tebow's) rough patch.

All in all, it is ridiculous for Florida to be playing such a gimme game this time of year.

General Malaise said...

Florida has nothing to gain from playing Florida International, and if they were to beat them 100-0, it wouldn't prove anything. They are not a quality opponent, and I doubt anyone would argue otherwise. Every team has weak teams on their schedule; it's the natural consequence of a regular season being expanded to 12 games.

As far as playing such a game at this point in the season, I am not sure what the timing of the schedule has to do with anything. Maybe I am missing it. NoGoodExNFL?

I would also point out that major state schools are often subject to pressure from their respective legislatures to play lesser in state schools. I know South Carolina and Clemson are, and I think Florida is as well.

General Malaise said...

Also NoGoodExNFL..., who would your Top 5 be?

Moose said...
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Moose said...

1.) Florida
2.) Bama
3.) Texas
4.) TCU
5.) Cincinnati

NoGoodExNFL said...

The timing of the schedule is not a nonfactor. The reality is that playing such a pathetic opponent this late in the season is a way of appeasing the legislature while getting a breather heading into the post season. There is no doubt every team plays lesser opponents during the season, but there is strategic advantage to playing one this late while everyone else is playing a "real" opponent, many times their rivals. It is a cop out game, that should be played in the beginning of the season, or at least by the mid-point. But, for the big boys in the SEC it is the norm, i.e. Bama's also doing it and LSU did it last week. How can you SC fans think that it is fair when your schedule ends with Arkansas, Florida, and Clemson? Where's Charleston Southern when you need them?

Finally, if a win is a win is a win, then my top five is

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Bama
4. TCU
5. Cincinnati

Moose said...

Florida has played a Division 2 school every year since 2005 the game after USC. This is nothing new, it all started with the addition of the 12 game. I don't think it really matters where the cupcakes fall, every team plays a 12 game schedule with 4 non-divisional opponent.

NoGoodExNFL said...

It does matter where they fall, mostly because a loss this late in the season completely wipes out any championship hopes, while an early loss keeps you in the running. My point is, playing a cupcake now is much less risky than playing a "real" team now. So, if you put your tougher non-conference opponents early, you can lose without eliminating your championship chances.

General Malaise said...

You make some good points: playing a real team at this point is much riskier than playing a cupcake. That is probably smart scheduling. As a USC fan, I would like our scheduledone with a little more strategy. (Of note, the bye week will be moved closer to the middle of the season, so that would be an improvement.)

That being said, I don't think there is anything inherently unfair about putting a cupcake there. Would you also cast a suspicious eye on a team who moves their hard game to the beginning of the season a la Miami-Florida State?