Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Keys for a S. Carolina win v UF Gators

By now I hope you read the LOHD preview/prediction....So what must Carolina have happen for them to win vs. UF?

#1 Carolina must score first or score very early --- They need this to happen to help with their confidence.  If they allow UF to issue the punch then they have to talk it and respond.  I would love to see Carolina score first as it will be a dose of some much needed energy.

#2  UF has to produce TOs and USC must take advantage ---  USC needs all the help they can get and it will need to be UF hurting themselves to aid Carolina on to victory.  SC Secondary has to be ready to play b/c UF can strike deep.

#3  3rd downs ---  Simple, USC must have success on 3rd down conversions and on the other side of the ball must stop UF on 3rd downs.  Seems the last few games USC has not had the success they need on 3rd down and for Carolina to have a chance in this game then they must.  In their last game in 2008, UF held Carolina to 1 of 15 on 3rd downs...ouch.

#4   SC D ---  enough said on this one as the Carolina D has to come to play and has to shut down the Tebow lead Gators.  Stop the dive play please.

#5 Help from the heavens and/or luck and/or Refs --- for once can the Carolina Gamecocks win the football lottery and defeat a #1.  It is going to take some extra help from someplace as the mighty gators are unbeaten for a reason.

Tough 5 keys today kids but there is a chance.
Please hop over to closer to game time as he will have up a open forum for those not able to go to the game.  I will be there and will try to "tweet" some thoughts so follow LOHD on Twitter and I will try to get some pics so make sure you are a Fan of LOHD on Facebook.

So there you have it is gameday and what are you thinking?  What is your score prediction today?

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