Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nasty Rumor

There is a rumor going around that a couple classless Clemson fans vandalized Williams Brice Stadium last night with orange paint. Painting a tiger paw on the 50 yard line as well as spray painting the windows and doors in front of the locker room with orange tiger paws. I will be heading down to the stadium at lunch to see what I can find out. The other rumor floating around is that the paint on the field is so bad, that USC is going to have to re-sod that part of the field before the Clemson game next week.
We are still checking with other sources to find out if the rumor is true.

Stay tuned....


Wes said...

I hope we leave it there and after we beat them, the players run over and start kicking up the sod. Probably wouldn't make the grounds crew too happy but it would fire up the fans and show those punks that we aren't scared of a little paint.

JR said...

got word that it was just an orange C in the end zone with a “message” but either they got scared and left or ran out of spray paint... nothing as big as what’s been rumored… in other news it looks like that won’t be the last time there will be orange in the end zone this year….