Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gamecocks BEAT Clemson 34-17

Above is the pic of the scoreboard LOHD took exiting Williams-Brice Stadium after watching Carolina beat Clemson rather easily despite the opening kickoff.

34-17 !  Let's say it again ... 34-17 !

Cheers to all the gamecocks out there!



Moose said...

I heard CJ had a case of the bird flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18 yards should pretty much keep him out of the Heisman race. As The General said..... First in the ACC, 2nd in the State. Big day to prove how powerful the SEC really is. The 2 best teams in the ACC looked like mid-majors against 2 of bottom teams in the SEC east this year.

Dawg Fan said...

Does this mean we play y'all in Tampa next week for ACC title?

We're exuberant in Athens, I'm sure y'all are too.

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