Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nothing to do with Nothing football news

Well if Notre Dame didn't have enough going on, it looks like there are reports of Jimmy Clausen getting punched in the face at a bar in South Bend after the game on Saturday night. There is nothing like losing to UConn, then going out to celebrate with family and teammates. This isn't Clausen's first run in with the law involving alcohol. I have a feeling Clausen might have been celebrating his final home game, as he will probably leave for the NFL after the season. Well if he is smart he will leave for the NFL after this season.

More Tennessee news, as it looks like Kiffen has decided to let Janzen Jackson back on the team after the charges were dropped against him for his involvement in the armed robbery that took place back on November 11, 2009. Jackson said that he did not know that the other 2 players were going to rob somebody. I am not sure how he did not know it was going to happen. They were just driving around Knoxville looking for something to do, when it just came to them..."Lets go rob somebody"..hmmm.

On recruiting news it looks like Lattimore has choosen to make his decision on February 2. Hopefully, he will pick the Gamecocks as we need to keep all the instate talent we can.

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