Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Questions

1.) Which bowl game do you see South Carolina heading to this bowl season?

2.) Which ACC lose this weekend was the worst for the conference GT or Clemson?

3.) Does Bobby Bowden retire this week, or does he stick it out for another season?

4.) Who had the best Heisman performance this past week, Colt, Tebow or Toby Gerhart?

5.) What would Dabo say, Clemson is 8-4 or Clemson was only 27 points from a undefeated season?

6.) Which injury would mostly be the cause for C.J. Spillers bad performance this past weekend (bird flu, swollen toe, or chicken pox's)?

7.) Who would you like USC play in a bowl game this season?

8.) Notre Dames player are voting today in a closed meeting weather they should go to a bowl game or not, what do you think a 6-6 Notre Dame team should do?

9.) If Texas loses to Nebraska this weekend, who would you rather see play in the National Championship game against the SEC champion, TCU or Cincinnati?

10.) Now that Charlie Weis is pretty much gone, who will be Notre Dames next coach?


JR said...

1. Chik-Fila
2. Clemson because they had been hot and unbeatable... GT really has not done much to impress....
3. he is going to croak there if they let him...
4.Toby Gerhart is a beast but then again it was against Nodefense Dame
5. we are going to lose in the ACC champ game!
6. Gayness
7. Virginia Tech because they are highest ranked team we can play, it would be nice to beat them like Clemson!
8. Play! why not? itsn't that what you work for?
9. Bama and Florida rematch... but i'll say Cinny... TCU almost lost to Clemson
10. he is gone now its official...Hello Urban Myer!

General Malaise said...

1. I'd like to see Chick-Fil-A, but I think Music City.

2. Georgia Tech. Everyone knew Clemson came from the weaker division of the ACC, but some people thought Georgia Tech was battle tested.

3. I think he's finally done, though I'd been saying he would stay one more year.

4. Toby Gerhart. That kid could play.

5. Clemson is less than four touchdowns away from being undefeated.

6. Tummy ache.

7. Virginia Tech.

8. If I was on the team or a fan, I'd vote to play. As an outsider, I always enjoy watching Notre Dame lose its bowl game.

9. TCU, if I have to see one. I'd rather see a rematch.

10. Brian Kelly.