Monday, November 23, 2009

Mumme Poll Ballot

1. Florida
Demolished an inferior opponent at home. Why was this game even played?

2. Alabama
See above.

3. Texas
Beat weak Kansas team. No real games left on schedule until bowl.

4. Georgia Tech
Hammered a tougher than usual (though still not tough) Duke team.

5. TCU
Avoid upset at Wyoming. Won't lose to New Mexico; who will they play in the Fiesta Bowl?

Ohio State
Dominance over Michigan continues. Next up: Rose Bowl disappointment.

Off week. Nothing to see here.

Off week. West Virginia coming up next. Can the Mountaineers ruin Pitt's BCS
chances like Pitt did to them a few years ago?

Does anyone have a good handle on this team?

Boise State
Blew out an inferior opponent, like they should have, but still seem to be missing something; I'm not sure what.

Oklahoma State
Really not missing Dez Bryant that much, are they? Could win their 10th game and make Oklahoma 6-6.

Not sure they belong, but who else do you put here?

1 comment:

Moose said...

My Mumme Poll top 5

1.) Florida
2.) Alabama
3.) Texas
4.) TCU
5.) Cincinnati

I guess it will all come down to championship week. I don't think Texas will lose to Nebraska but there is always a chance.