Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Answers to some questions on the upcoming Clemson game

Recently, The ACC & SEC Blog asked us at LOHD to comment on four questions.  Below is our responses to those questions that will be posted over at his blog.  After you read our thoughts please visit The ACC & SEC Blog as he does a very good job weighing in on things of the ACC/SEC nature.

Question #1 - What this rivalry means to you and the fanbase of your team?

Winning in the Clemson and USC rivalry is everything to these two schools that lie 129 miles apart. Folks in South Carolina will tell you one thing with certainty—beating the rival is a must. Most in South Carolina like one or other, rarely do you see a person that likes both so it creates a love/hate arrangement in the state. In the eyes of many, the biggest game of the year is about to take place in South Carolina. The type of game that divides families or can ruin friendships; this is not just any old rivalry game but it is the “Battle of the Palmetto State.”

Question #2 - What a win would mean?

The University of South Carolina football team is in desperate need of a win to reverse another late season slide, and at the same time create a new chapter in the “Palmetto State Rivalry” that has been dominated by Clemson of late, winning seven of the last nine games.

Saturday’s game is huge for South Carolina – “must win!” If the Gamecocks were to win they would finish the season 7-5 and avoid another late season total collapse. USC would end a two-game losing streak to Clemson and give its fans a year’s worth of bragging rights. Spurrier would take a fairly positive attitude into the final stages of recruiting and onto the speaking circuit with Gamecock Club meetings. Spurrier would improve his record to 2-3 against Clemson and 1-1 against Dabo.

Question #3 - What a loss would mean?

A loss for South Carolina Saturday would mean another 6-6 season. It would mean another late season slide by losing four in a row and five of their six games. It would mean Clemson would have beaten the Gamecocks 11 of the past 13 seasons. Recruiting would be more difficult for the Class of 2011. The fan base would be depressed and I wonder what Spurrier could tell the faithful to inspire them to get excited about the 2010 season. South Carolina cannot afford another poor effort against the Tigers.

Question #4 - Anything else you would like to throw in (is this your biggest rival why/why not?, history, etc...

Winning in the Clemson and USC rivalry is everything to these two schools that lie 129 miles apart. Clemson leads the football series 65-37-4, but approximately forty games have been decided by a touchdown or less.

The USC/Clemson rivalry game is the longest uninterrupted series in the South, and the third longest uninterrupted series overall, having been played every year since 1909.

GO COCKS! Beat Clemson!

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