Monday, November 23, 2009

10 questions for this week / Mangino vs. Weis edition

1.) It has been a long season for Charlie Weis and Mark Mangino , so who do you consider a better coach?

2.) Who will be pushed out the door first Charlie or Mark?

3.) Who would win in a sumo wrestling match Charlie or Mark?

4.) Who would win in a hot dog eating contest?

5.) If both are fired after this season, who has the best chance of coaching next season in college football?

6.) If Notre Dame and Kansas meet on the football field, who would win this season?

7.) Who would you rather play for?

8.) What is your position on Mangino's comments to players that came out this past week. Part of football, or just plan wrong?

9.) If you were playing a backyard football game, and you had the last pick. Who would you pick to play offensive line for you and why? Mark or Charlie

10.) If your favorite team was without a coach, who would you prefer your school to hire as there new head coach, Mark or Charlie

Bonus Trivia question, Mark Mangino and Charlie Weis were never college football players, there are 4 other Division 1 head coaches that never played college football, name them?


General Malaise said...

1. Mangino. Kansas wasn't exactly a perenial power before him, and they had some good years. With a cupcake schedule every year, what has Weis done?

2. Charlie. The domers can only take so much disappointment.

3. Mangino. Weis is all talk.

4. See #3.

5. I think Mangino. Weis will coach again, but he will have to swallow some ego and not tell everyone he is smarter than everyone at his next job.

6. Kansas. Notre Dame can lose toa anyone.

7. Good question. Charlie? Mangino's recently revaled comments don't seem like the kind of thing you'd want to hear.

8. Borderline and tough to say out of context. Looks like probably on the wrong side.

9. Mark. If you picked Charlie, he would insist that he be quarterback.

10. Mark. Charlie had all Notre Dame's advantages and couldn't win.

Bonus: Rich Rodriguez? Paul Johnson? Gene Chizik? Howard Snellenburger?

Moose said...

Rich Rodriguez played football at WVU and Snellenburger was an All-American Tight End at Kentucky. Chizik played one year at Florida as a Linebacker.

Paul Johnson is correct, 3 more to get.

Thanksgiving Message said...

happy thanksgiving day to all of you

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