Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vandy Discussion with ABG

Our blogging pal over at "Anything but Gatorade" asked us a few questions with the Vandy game coming up that we have already deemed "muy importante." 

Below is my responses to his questions and he has this posted on his site also.....

1. Prior to (and during) the season, a lot of people thought Spurrier was either on the hot seat or just ready to hang it up. Any developments on that front?

-The pitchforks have been placed back in the barns and all is calm on the Western Front with respect to this notion of firing a coaching legend. Spurrier has worked his tail off to turn around what Lou Holtz left him (i.e. not much). He has put together two Top 15 recruiting classes in the last 3 years and the next one looks just as good. It has taken him time and maybe more time to right the ship that most envisioned but it has turned. It is a “New Carolina” that is gaining more and more respect along with a new team attitude. I feel the future is bright but the fans must realize it is a work in progress with few missing elements to what could turn out to be Spurrier’s masterpiece.

2. Are Stephen Garcia and Matthew McConnaughey the same person? They've never been seen in the same room together. Oh, and what do you think of Garcia's performance so far this year?

-Stephen early on in his young Carolina QB-ing career had resemblances of Matthew with that care-free attitude but it seems the young Garcia has grown up in front of our eyes in 2009. Garcia has taken the keys to the offense and done the best he can do. He has turned over the ball less, managed the offense and seems to be a fade route and INT vs. Bama away from leaving his finger prints on a SEC upset. Keep in mind, Spurrier recruited this kid hard to come to Carolina and it seems we are beginning to see why.

3. Vanderbilt has been absolutely decimated by injuries this year. Who's the guy (aside from the latest Norwood linebacker) that our wobbly-kneed offensive linemen need to watch out for so their careers don't all end on Saturday?

-Junior defensive end Cliff Matthews in my opinion is having a great 2009 in the shadows of Norwood. He has 28 tackles, 7 tackles for a loss, 2 forced fumbles, 2 pass deflections, 3 fumbles recovered and 4 sacks. Opposing offenses must know where he is because he can hurt ya if Norwood doesn’t get to it first.

4. About how many visors do you think the Ball Coach goes through in a season? I always imagined he was like Mariah Carey, requiring brand new tennis shoes, pleated khakis, and a brand new visor before every game.

-The Ol’ Ball Coach has become a little more reserved at Carolina. Some may say that Carolina has gotten his ego in check so he doesn’t throw the visor as much as he use too. I think now it takes more for Spurrier to throw it but don’t get me wrong he still has a winning spirit that is tremendously competitive. I hope Vandy gives him no reason to cast the visor in the air even once on Saturday.

5. Feeling slighted about being picked fourth in the East in basketball this year?

-No love for the Carolina boys. No respect for Horn and Crew. I think Carolina will shock some teams and finish higher than 4th. Not saying they will win the East but they will make a few games worth watching as the 09-10 team is more balanced and has depth. The incoming recruiting class will complement Devan Downey and his game well. Horn, given time, will build Carolina into a nice basketball program.

thoughts?  Also please go visit him ABG when you get a chance....

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