Monday, October 19, 2009

Ten questions for last weeks college football?

1.) Does a undefeated, Boise State, TCU or Cincinnati deserve to play in the national championship?

2.) Will the national media consider the Notre Dame lose to Southern Cal a moral victory for Coach Charlie?

3.) Is Arkansas’s offense the best in the SEC?

4.) Is there really a possibility that John Gruden will leave the booth for the Louisville Cardinals job?

5.) Best running back in the Country?

6.) Which game is more over rated, Red River shootout or Michigan/Ohio State?

7.) If you had to rank the top 10 QB’s in the country, would Terrelle Pryor be in your top 10?

8.) Would you rather have your team be blown out or lose at the last second of a game?

9.) Are you worried that Clemson has found life after it destroyed Wake Forest on Saturday?

10.) If you could move one team from their current conference to the SEC which team would it be and why?


General Malaise said...

1. Only if all teams from the major conferences (not counting the Big East) have atleast 2 losses and these teams go undefeated, even then, it wouldn't be automatic.

2. Of course, everything Notre Dame does is great.

3. Arguably. I'd also add Florida and Ole Miss to the possibles. We'll have to wait longer to see.

4. I've seen smarter people do dumber things, so sure.

5. Jahvid Best.

6. Michigan/Ohio State.

7. Nowhere close.

8. Last second loss. Would've Could've Should've is a better game to play than We just aren't capable of playing good enough.

9. Not really.

10. Texas, geographically adjacent to the SEC West and talented enough to not only fit in with the conference, but improve it.

Razorback Joe said...

1.) If Cincinnati wins the Big East and goes undefeated, I don't see how the pollsters can keep them out of the National Championship game. They are in a BCS conference.

2.)Notre Dame gave the Trojans all they could handle in the 4th quarter.

3.)It is between Auburn and Arkansas.

4.) I don't think he would leave the booth for a middle of the road Big East team.

5.) Ryan Mathews Fresno State, he does lead the nation in rushing yards.

6.) Ohio State/ Michigan, that can't be the best rivalry in the country. Both teams suck

7.) No, Pryor wouldn't be in my top 20.

8.)Lose at the last second

9.) Clemson has a lot of speed on offense, plus the ACC is down. they should be alright the rest of the way.

10.)I would love to see Texas or Miami in the SEC.

JR said...

1. no seriously no and stop it
2. of course everyone loves ND media wise
3. hard to say its not isn't it?
4. no John stay in the NFL...
5. Ingram ain't half bad is he?
6.Michigan vs OSU... OSU wipes their ass with Michigan and big 10 sucks.... at lest Texas has won an NC in recent years (five)....
7. hell no are you serious? mechanics are the worst he thinks talent will over come that, didn't work with Purdue did it?
8. last second blow outs aren't forgotten
9. no because we play them at home
10. South Cal so then losses like Washington would be a weekly thing not a once a year thing....