Tuesday, September 08, 2009

SEC Power Poll 2009: Week 1 Ballot

Well, week 1 of the college football season is done now and SEC football is in full swing.

As mentioned HERE, LOHD is part of the SEC Power Poll again this year and we will be ranking the teams from 1-12.  Seems my outlook on the SEC has changed a bit from my SEC Preseason Poll as UT and Auburn looked good or better than I had thought. 

Feel free to comment and here goes week 1...

1. Florida
Tebow plus 11 returning starters...enough said for now.

2. Alabama
The Tide got it rolling against VT and fared better than I thought.  Defense looked good and the offense got things going in the second half.  As long as their new qb does his job, this team could end up best in the west.

3. LSU
The team looked a little rusty at times.  Could be the travel but still did not do anything to harm their chances for SEC West glory.  Defense needs to get a bit more aggressive but team overall still has many weapons which will prove handy in games to come.

4. Ole Miss
The Rebels looked slow out of the gate.  Not sold on this team being Top 10 material.  QB Snead did not look so great early on but they held off Memphis or should I say Memphis held themselves off?

5. Tennessee
The Vols played a cupcake but I don't care who you are and who you play when you put up 650+ yards on offense something is going right.  They looked much improved and the Lane era is off to a good start.  Keep playing like that and some streets around the stadium will have to be renamed.

6. South Carolina
Ugly wins count as wins.  Offense just could not get it going.  Call it conservative or whatever...bottom-line is thank god for the defense as they made a promising NCSU offense look real bad.

7. Georgia
Offense struggled.  From bad throws, to drop balls...well, let's just say they sucked trying to move the ball.  Defense looked good at times but towards the end looked tired.  Mark has to get the offense going or some UGa faithful may start asking questions around Athens.

8. Arkansas
I now it was was Missouri State.  But their were signs of good things to come out of this team.

9. Auburn
Yes this questionable team going into '09 did put up 400+ yards against a so-so Louisiana Tech. Auburn nation can exhale now.

10. Kentucky
Kentucky's offense looked good but still questions on their defense.

11. Vanderbilt
Vandy shined in their opener on both sides of the ball.

12. Mississippi State
The Dan Mullen era is in full swing but he still has ways to go before he gets out of the SEC West cellar.

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