Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Questions for week 2 of the College football season

Questions that I have after watching hours upon hours of college football over the Labor day weekend about the upcoming week and season.

1.) Is the ACC really that bad, or was it just a bad showing in Week 1?
2.) Miami Vs. FSU Great game, are both teams back?
3.) Can Ohio State handle the speed of Southern Cal, after Navy had their way with the Buckeye’s last Saturday for the most part.
4.) Will any sort of Offense show up for the USC/ UGA game Saturday night, or are we in for another South Carolina/ NC State borefest?
5.) Can Oklahoma win with our their captain Sam Bradford?
6.) What would Tim Tebow Do?
7.) Does Clemson have a better chance of winning the ACC this year then the past 18 years?
8.) What would Willy Korn Do?
9.) When does the National Championship talks begin for Tennessee, they won their first game? ND National Championship talks began 4 months ago.
10.)Is Mark Ingram the best running back in the SEC?


JR said...

1. They are that bad where have you been? Miami and FSU are better this year than they have been in a long time...
2. Not both teams are back their defenses are terrible... SC could rush for 200yrds against Miami's d...that should tell you something
3. This should be a close game... the midshipmen run the option which is always a bitch to defend...South Cal's freshmen could crumble in a real game
4. looks like the later... but we might see something we haven't seen in a long time... South Carolina gets some offense and takes UGA to the woodshed...
5.Hell no they lost to BYU ha ha ha
6.Circumsize rishi
7. yeah because it is so bad... but then again they will get their 1st loss tomorrow night.
8. ride pine like jena jamison on a 10 foot diller
9. when they beat Florida in 2012
10. maybe not but his offensive line is the best that’s for sure!

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the BCS, those in charge should really look into dropping the Atlantic Coast Conference from the ranks and adding the Mountain West Conference.

In Week 1, only two ACC teams defeated Football Bowl Subdivision teams — and one of those was Miami, which beat ACC rival Florida State on Monday night.

The other was Clemson. Yes, Middle Tennessee State does count as an FBS team, but it’s not a victory that will be going on any kind of wall.

The lowly conference had as many wins over Football Championship Subdivision teams as it did losses. Someone named Bill and his wife Mary took down Virginia and Richmond (remember that name South Carolina basketball fans?) embarrassed Duke.

Moose said...

What would Tim Tebow Do?

Circumsize rishi

JR you are a genius