Sunday, August 30, 2009

SEC Football Preseason Rankings from LOHD

Many of you know that LOHD is a member of the "SEC Power Poll" and will again be posting the weekly poll this season. I encourage you to visit all the blogs involved and LOHD will make mention of them later on this season. But first order of business is to make you aware of how we view the rankings of the SEC teams heading into week 1.

Preseason Poll:

1. Florida - Let's just say Tebow & that the Defense returns 11 starters.
2. LSU - Looks more aggressive and experienced going into '09. Ole Miss may be getting all the attention but I think LSU is the best in the West. Plus they got for UT Def Coor John Chavis which will only make their defense better. What could hurt them in '09 is the schedule.
3. Ole Miss - I know they have Snead, Dexter McCluster and Shay Hodge but not sold that they can live up to the Top 10 hype. Don't get me wrong they are good but are they that good?
4. Bama - Have loads of talent on both sides of the ball but the passer has little experience. Should be fine in 09 with Julio Jones and a stacked 'D' lead by Rolando McClain.
5. (tie) UGA - Feel this team just needs to take the field and understand "who" they are....they have a running back by committee that is to die for and a senior qb in Joe Cox but how will all this play out? Got a brutal schedule out of league with OSU and ASU. Main question is how will this team perform in 2009?
5. (tie) USC - I am drinking the kool aid to begin the season. Feel the gamecocks can surprise in 2009 with Garcia, talented defense and a young yet hungry team. I feel that the tie breaker is the second game of the season. If USC wins then 2009 is going to be a good season. Normally, when SC beats UGA then SC has a great season. I guess we will see soon enough....
7. Arkansas - Petrino is ready to put his offense to work with Michigan transfer Ryan Mallett leading the charge. Biggest question mark lies in the Defense Secondary.
8. Kentucky - I feel Rich Brooks will have his boys ready to be a threat in 2009. Not saying they will dominate but they could surprise a team or two.
9. Tennessee - Lane Kiffin it is time to shut up and play football. Lots of questions circle this team from Bryce Brown to Crompton under center....the USC v UT game will be fun to watch, especially when the coach's meet at mid-field before kickoff.
10. Auburn - can we say rebuilding?
11. MSU - welcome spread offense and Mr. Mullen....will surprise a team but not ready to be a contender in the SEC....yet.
12. Vandy - no DJ Moore so who else plays for Vandy? I am sure they will shock a team but I just don't see this team being a threat in the East. Could they finish higher than UT?

So there you have wrong am I?

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