Thursday, September 10, 2009

ESPN reports Cox to start vs. gamecocks

Seems the rumor mill proved to be just that a rumor--- as this morning we reported that there was a chance that USC QB Joe Cox was injured and not going to start.  LOHD was one of the first out the gates with the news of the conflicting stories about Cox after reading Rivals and 

After many conflicting reports it seems ESPN has gotten to the bottom of this for us.....

ESPN is now reporting that Joe is going to start on Saturday ....HERE and Mr. Tucker with the AJC writes No truth to rumor - Cox will start

Still a interesting situation 2 days before the game.....Mark Richt will be speaking to the media around 4pm today aso stay tuned.

Question #1 for Coach Mark Richt ..... Does Joe Cox have a lingering shoulder issue?

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