Saturday, September 12, 2009

5 Keys to a Carolina win v UGa

As I leave this morning to head to Athens, let me leave you with my 5 keys to a Gamecocks win.  I will try to "tweet" from the game so be sure to follow LOHD - .

Make sure you read my preview HERE of the game.  I think it will be a close game till the end due to a timely Georgia turnover that will make it a 20-10 win for Carolina.  I hope I am wrong and Carolina can win this game flat out and not have me nervous as I sit in section 603.

Here goes my 5 keys:

1.  USC's ability to move the ball in the air --- this is a must for Carolina today as it will free up the running game and open up the field.  I hope to see Spurrier or the devil test the UGa secondary by throwing deep some.  He has targets in Moe, Gurley and at TE with Saunders.  Also get the ball in the hands of the playmakers by trying a screen pass or swing pass to a RB.  Open up the playbook today and Garcia please have confidence yet play smart - no forced throws.

2.  USC must control the line of scrimmage --- on both sides of the ball today we need a good showing from the linemen.  The OL must provide a pocket for Garcia as he needs time to make a decision and we need running lanes.  On the other side the DL must get after it, they must pressure whoever is under center (I predict shared duties today with Cox & Gray), and they must shut down the UGa rushing attack.

3.  Gamecocks success on 3rd down --- I hope and pray that Carolina can stay out of 3rd and long situations.  This boils down to USC has to have success in moving the ball down the field, working the clock, controling the tempo of the game and keep UGa offense watching.  The flip of this is Gamecocks D must shut UGa down and limit their threats.

4.  Gamecocks Special Teams --- Spencer please be accurate and have that foot ready.  Coverage teams do not make mistakes and return guys just run like your hair is on fire.  Need a strong performance today as it could be the difference maker.

5.  Win the TO battle and limit mistakes--- some mighty good defenses will be on the field today and I am sure we will see some loose balls and tipped balls.  Gamecocks must get a lucky bounce or have a pass fall in their lap today.  Carolina offense, I would love to see you guys play perfect today and don't turn it over.  It has seemed like the team that limits the TOs and captializes on the other teams mistakes will be no different.

There you go so tune it tonight at 7pm on ESPN2 and look for me in section 603 as I will be wearing Garnet. Go Cocks!

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