Monday, October 09, 2006

Poll week

Since this is the Bye week for Carolina football (man this season is flying), we will be having poll question week to talk about something other then gamecock football. These questions will be random and about any number of topics about college, life, and most importantly drinking.

Day 1

1.) Favorite beer?
2.) Favorite bar?
3.) Favorite bar food?
4.) Favorite bar Game?


penny said...

-dog in the fog; saris tmavre
-anything kat leaves me

i think the important question for the week is 'how many 12 year olds do you think you can beat up?'

if i was jumped by 12 year olds i think i could take 8 or 9. should the 12 year olds decide to try me one at a time i think i could knock out at least 60 before sheer exhaustion overwhelmed me

Moose said...

Haunted brew - Wilmington NC

To many to name- In Columbia Chubby's or Uncle Louie's

Oysters or chicken wings (depending on the season)

Shuffle Board or Darts


X-men tonight?

penny said...

sure duder

Moose said...

we could be the biggest lossers this side of Nashville

Crummy said...

1. Newcastle
2. That sweet one in downtown Nashville where they had karaoke. Or, maybe It's Brothers
3. Fish sandwich
4. Shuffleboard

Moose said...

Ok I have complied my list of favorite bars...

1.) Brothers was cool in Columbus
2.) Ravens den in old Baltimore
3.) hole in the wall by the beach in Mexico that had 3 corona's for 2 bucks all the time
4.) Steve's place in Daytona where that guy got hit by a car and crawled back into the bar for more tequila.

Porter said...

1) Palmetto Amber
2) Chubby's- columbia
Galettes in Ala
3) Wings or southwest spring rolls
4) Shuffle Board

A-Dubs said...

Good Questions!!

1. Bud Light, of course, but I am now taking a liking to Coors Light
2. Salty Nut in 5 points, Buckhead Saloon in ATL, I am not sure elsewhere, I have not been as many places
3. Chicken fingers
4. Photo Hunt, only one I am remotely good at!

Tick said...

1.) Yengling
2.) Platinum Plus or any other booby bar
3.) Egg rolls

4.) How may girls i can scare.

Anonymous said...

1. tennents- scotland
2. Rick's- key west, we own that bar...
3. tom tom's tuna or old willy's buffalo chicken mmm
4.grab ass


penny said...

hey jr, tell me about that 'wet the bed' game you made up last weekend

Moose said...

at least explain the rules

Anonymous said...

simple, any time john gaston tries to sleep with you and your mate simply pee on him--5 points if he gets up and sleeps on the couch...7 points if he lays there with a smile and 10 points if gaston pisses himself as well...

currently i lead with 12points!!!

Moose said...

If I had only know the rules when we were in Charleston, I would have spent the whole weekend pissing on Gaston.

A-Dubs said...


Anonymous said...

hey i am gonna pee on all of u bastards

i said...

best beer is Carolina Light...

skippy said...

fav. bar game...making fun of rishi attempting to talk to girls....

old said...

ricks, key west
chicken fingers
drink alot